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1-axle boat trailers

Lorries offers boat trailers for jet skis, boats and yachts in different sizes. Owners of smaller vessels opt for 1-axle boat trailers. Their construction, weight and equipment make them ideal for transporting your boat safely and efficiently, regardless of the route it will have to take and the number of kilometres it will have to travel to reach its destination.

What to consider when buying a 1-axle boat trailer?

The 1-axle boat trailers that make up the Lorries range differ primarily in terms of their payload, external dimensions, maximum loading width and length and maximum permissible gross weight. This makes it easy to find the right model for your needs, whether you have a small boat, a much larger one or want a design that offers a high level of safety for transporting vessel. It is also worth remembering that the proposed 1-axle boat trailers have been manufactured from high-quality steel that has undergone a galvanising process, which guarantees adequate protection against corrosion and other hazards.

We offer the purchase of single-axle chassis trailers with basic and additional equipment

If you are interested in 1-axle boat trailers, you can extend the standard equipment with additional amenities. A single-axle boat trailer includes, among other things, LED tail lights and a manual winch. On the other hand, we can retrofit it with a spare wheel, anti-theft protection, an anti-slip side step and other articles. An additional advantage of 1-axle boat trailers is that they are noticeably lighter than models with two axles, and as a result are easier to manoeuvre.