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PP75-4216 boat trailer


A lightweight boat trailer with a GVW of up to 750 kg that will transport a motorboat, fishing boat or a small boat.

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up to 750kg
trailer length icon
3454 mm
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1592 mm

The PP75-4216 is a lightweight boat trailer with a GVW of up to 750 kg, which is designed for transporting boats and small motorboats.


Instead of side rollers, the model uses a special design that combines the advantages of rollers and skids. The skid-rollers make it easy to place the boat on the trailer and guarantee its stability during transport. The position of each skid-roller can be adjusted up and down and at different angles of inclination. In addition, each can be mounted in one of four different widths. This allows them to be adjusted to the dimensions of the boat being transported. The skid-roller system guarantees stable seating of the transported load and easier entry. In addition, by eliminating the rear bumper bar, the trailer is more functional in use and it is easier to launch the boat.

roller skid in a boat trailer

They trailer is made of Magnelis sheet metal, a metallic coating that guarantees their high resistance and resistance to corrosion. In addition, it makes it resistant to sunlight or heavy rainfall. The compact coating acts as a barrier – it prevents the steel from coming into contact with the environment and thus prevents it from rusting. Therefore, it can be stored in the rain and driven into water without any problems. However, it is important to remember to clean it regularly, especially after contact with salt water. La remorque est fabriquée en tôle de type Magnelis. Il s'agit d'un revêtement en métal ass

The trailer has a tilting lamp system. This means that when it is launched, the lamps are tilted sideways, which allows the boat to be freely introduced into the water. As standard, the model is equipped with LED lamps with bayonet-type connectors. This solution guarantees that the lights are fully sealed, which means that they can be submerged in water. The trailer has an axle with the WPS Waterproof System, which fully seals its hubs. In addition, it extends the life of both the bearings themselves, the hubs and the axle. Furthermore, depending on the centre of gravity in the boat trailer, the user can adjust the alignment of the axle in relation to the frame.

support wheel in a boat trailer
bottom roller in a boat trailer
wheel roller in a light boat trailer


The PP75-4216 boat trailer is equipped as standard with, among other things, LED lights, an adjustable winch post and a manual belt winch. The winch post can be adjusted backwards and forwards, allowing the position of the winch itself to be adapted to the dimensions of the load being transported.

The front part of the hull is placed in the bow, which is standard equipment on the trailer. For convenience, the PP75-4216 also has a support wheel, which makes it easier to manoeuvre the trailer in the yard.

The model can be retrofitted with a spare wheel with mountings, alloy wheels, anti-theft protection, polyurethane bow or shock absorbers with mountings.

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Technical data
PP75-4216 boat trailer
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type

Standard equipment

Tilting lamp system
LED rear lamps
Jockey wheel
Non-slip side step
Manual winch
Skids and roller
Waterproof bearings
Soft stem
Set of belt fasteners
Adjustable winch post

Additional equipment

Spare wheel
Anti-theft protection
Aluminum rims
Shock absorber with mounting

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