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Dopuszczalna masa całkowita info Dopuszczalna masa całkowita kg

Ładowność info Ładowność kg

Maksymalna szerokość powierzchni załadunku info Maksymalna szerokość powierzchni załadunku mm

Maksymalna długość powierzchni załadunku info Maksymalna długość powierzchni załadunku mm

Dopuszczalna masa całkowita info Dopuszczalna masa całkowita kg

Ładowność info Ładowność kg

Maksymalna szerokość powierzchni załadunku info Maksymalna szerokość powierzchni załadunku mm

Maksymalna długość powierzchni załadunku info Maksymalna długość powierzchni załadunku mm

Trailers for jet skis

Every type of vehicle has certain limitations, which means that they cannot be used on all surfaces. If we cannot get them where they need to go, we have to transport them, which is where individual trailers come in very handy. They are also suitable for jet skis, making it easier for users to transport their vehicles. At the same time, they guarantee the highest level of safety when doing so. Provided, of course, that they are trailers of the right quality, developed exclusively for jet skis and manufactured by LORRIES.



Single-axle jet ski trailers from the LORRIES range

When you choose our products, you can opt for jet-ski trailers in various versions. We have prepared three models of trailers for those who use this type of vehicle both for sport and recreation, as well as for rescue purposes. It is also worth noting that we offer them to you in a standard version, but at the same time with the possibility of equipping them with various accessories at an additional cost. However, regardless of which jet-ski trailer a customer decides to purchase, they will receive a high-quality vehicle that is able to serve its buyer for a very long time. For this reason, among others, we encourage you to take an interest in the offer we have prepared.

What should I keep in mind before buying a single axle jet-ski trailer?

Each of the proposed jet-ski trailers has a single axle. They are noticeably lighter than similarly designed two-axle vehicles and, as a result, being attached to the car, do not significantly impede its driver on the road. In addition, single-axle trailers with a gross vehicle weight of up to 750 kg can be transported using cars with a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight of 3,500 kg, i.e. 3.5 tonnes. However, an active category B driving licence is sufficient to drive them.

Model PP75-4816 P/L - jet-ski trailer equipped with skids

The PP75-4816 P/L jet-ski trailer mentioned above has a payload capacity of almost 600 kilograms. The type of axle it has is described as unbraked, as it has a GVW of up to 750 kg. It can be loaded with a jet ski or small boat up to approximately 600 kg, a length of up to 3712 mm and a width of up to 1574 mm. Due to its low weight, it can be attached to most passenger cars.

A hot-dip galvanised layer protects the trailer against corrosion. The model is available in basic galvanised and optional: painted in white or black. It is equipped with LED lights in the LIGHT UP system to prevent damage to the hull during inflation. LED technology contributes to their longer service life.

Trailer PP13-6025 for transporting two jet-ski trailers

If you are looking for a jet-ski trailer with a single axle, but with a higher gross vehicle weight (GVW) in comparison to those already briefly described, we have developed the PP13-6025 L. It has a gross vehicle weight of 1,300 kilograms and has the added advantage of a braked axle. This guarantees even safer transporting of scooters. The large loading space means that even particularly large watercraft can be accommodated on the trailer without any problems. The jet-ski trailer PP13-6025 (lacquered version) has particularly strong skids with a length of 1950 mm, making it easy to place the transported load in an extremely stable position. At the customer's request, the vehicle can be equipped with a support wheel, shock absorbers on the axle including their attachment, a soft bow, an additional bottom roller and rims made of light alloy.

Why trust us with jet-ski trailers?

LORRIES trailers stand for quality, reliability and reliability. We enjoy positive feedback from customers who are happy to return to us and recommend the products they have purchased to others. Noteworthy is LORRIES' quality policy, based on a number of principles that allow us to create reliable and, above all, safe products. Every day we are guided by the idea that the trailers we create are to be designed to the highest, world-class standard - and this is exactly what happens! We are also constantly developing our own machinery - so that we control every stage of the production of our trailers. If you have more questions about jet-ski trailers from LORRIES, feel free to contact us.

Guarantee safe transportation with our jet-ski trailers

Trailers for jet ski line are popular with customers regardless of the type of vehicle they own. Thanks to well-thought-out solutions, they can accommodate jet skis of the largest dimensions available on the market.

In addition, our jet-ski trailers have been designed in such a way that both launching, i.e. loading and unloading, are convenient and do not take much time. JET SKI jet-ski trailers are equipped with a number of facilities that make it easy to handle the load. You will find among them a waterproof tilting light system.

Every single jet-ski trailer also has a rubber bumper to protect the boat's hull and convenient side steps to access the load. With these and many other facilities, you will be able to arrange for your jet ski to be safely and efficiently transported on the trailer over any distance and to the exact location you wish, which is, after all, the most important thing when it comes to using this type of construction.

What load capacity should jet-ski trailers have?

It all depends on the weight of the jet ski. The vast majority of jet-skis weigh less than 500 kg, so they can be transported on normal, lightweight trailers with a GVW of up to 750 kg. By choosing a trailer with the right load capacity, you ensure safe transport.

Do jet-ski trailers require a special driving licence?

No, in most cases these are light trailers up to 750 kg and can be driven on an ordinary licence. Only those with larger tonnages, e.g. for 2 jet skis with a GVW of more than 1,000 kg, require an additional licence.

What to look for when choosing a jet-ski trailer?

When choosing a trailer, it is worth paying attention to its equipment. For comfortable and safe use, it should be equipped with features such as an LED rear lamp or a winch. It is also worth paying attention to the total weight of the trailer and whether it is equipped with skids, rollers or skid-rollers.