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Are you a motorbike enthusiast looking for a reliable, modern motorbike trailer? At LORRIES, we offer motorbike trailers in addition to board trailers, car transporters, construction trailers or boat trailers. The motorbike trailers seen in this category are lightweight, stable and comfortable to handle. The motorbike trailers offered by LORRIES are a guarantee for the safe transport of your unicycle.

Advantages of our motorcycle trailers

As a manufacturer of motorbike trailers, we can assure you that their advantages are many. First and foremost, we have designed them to be the first and obvious choice for all single-track enthusiasts when transporting motorbikes, which will enable them to transport both modern, classic and also sporty motorbikes freely and safely. Their construction is based on a stable frame with a welded drawbar. We have also taken care of the presence of an anti-slip aluminium sheet from which we have made the floor of the trailers on offer.

Importantly, our motorbike trailers are fully tilted. Such a convenient solution allows you to get your unicycle in and out of them safely and comfortably. Also noteworthy are the guides that have been placed on the trailers. Their role is to secure and stabilise the motorbike during transport. The front guide is adjustable in position to accommodate motorbikes of different sizes.

MT-1 trailer for one motorbike

The single-axle trailer for transporting motorbikes with a gross vehicle weight of up to 750 kg is the ideal solution for transporting unicycles. The trailer has a stable frame with transverse reinforcements, to which the drawbar is welded.

The trailer frame has been protected against corrosion by a hot-dip galvanising process with passivation, which strengthens it against mechanical damage.

With the right materials and design, the trailers can withstand heavy loads and provide stability when driving.

MT-2 trailer for two motorbikes

The MT-2 is a modern motorbike trailer in a simple, fashionable style, designed to transport two motorbikes. It is made entirely of steel and has a frame protected against corrosion with a layer of zinc, which further provides protection against mechanical damage. The trailer is powder-coated in black, giving it an elegant and classic look that fits perfectly with any motorbike.

The frame and drawbar construction is made of closed steel profile. In addition, the trailer's frame has been reinforced with transverse supports to ensure stability and security when transporting two single-track vehicles. This increases the load capacity of the trailer and prevents deformation of the structure during transport.

Additional functionalities of motorcycle trailers

Each motorbike trailer has tie-down brackets to attach safety straps when transporting the unicycle. The trailers are fitted with jockey wheels to make them easy to manoeuvre in the yard.

The LED lighting used not only gives the trailer a modern look, but also ensures a long service life.

When designing our motorbike trailers, we always take into consideration the comfort of use and storage. This is why we have introduced the HALF-FOLD system, which allows the trailer to be easily folded and stored vertically or horizontally, for example in the garage.

Motorbike trailer equipment - standard and optional

As standard, LORRIES motorbike trailers are equipped with LED back lights, a support wheel, transport stripes holders and an aluminium floor. As optional extras, customers can purchase a spare wheel with a mount for quick replacement in the event of a flat tyre, aluminium rims, a bike holder, a stand for cross bikes, an anti-theft device and, in the case of the MT-2 model, a fairing and a front rail for transporting a quad. All of the above-mentioned facilities mean that the selected light motorbike trailer will be as functional as possible for its user.

Our range of products also includes, among others: dropside trailers, boat trailers, transporting platforms and car transporters with sideboards.

What motorbike trailers do we offer?

In our range you will find motorbike trailers designed to carry one as well as two motorbikes.

Is it difficult to drive a motorbike trailer?

Motorbike trailers have been designed to provide stability when driving and also to be easy to handle. However, more care should be taken when manoeuvring and also when changing directions.