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Motorcycle trailers

Are you a fan of two-wheelers and are you looking for a reliable, modern motorcycle trailer? At LORRIES, in addition to flatbed trailers, tow trucks, trailers for transporting machines or boats, we offer advanced motorcycle trailers that will allow you to transport your motorcycle safely. The trailers visible in this category are light, stable and comfortable to use.

Advantages of our motorcycle trailers

There are many advantages of motorcycle trailers from LORRIES. First of all, we have designed them so that they are the first and obvious choice for all lovers of two-wheelers, who will be able to easily and safely transport modern, classic and sports motorcycles. Their construction is based on a stable frame with a welded drawbar. We also took care of the presence of non-slip, aluminum sheet, from which we made the floor of the offered trailers.

Our motorcycle trailers are fully lowered. Such a convenient solution allows for a safe and comfortable introduction of a two-wheeler on it and at the same time bringing it. Two guides are placed on trailer. Their role is to secure and stabilize the motorcycle during transport - only the front and rear wheels should be placed in the guides, respectively. The front guide rail gives the possibility of adjusting the position, thanks to which we can adapt it to motorcycles of various sizes.

Additional functionalities of motorcycle trailers

There are 10 mounting brackets (5 on each side) in the floor of each motorcycle trailer. What is their role? The handles can be secured with safety belts during the transport of the motorcycle. There are holes in the rear guide that allow you to attach the safety belts.

When designing our motorcycle trailers, we always take into account other, equally important aspects, such as convenience of storage. Thanks to the HALF-FOLD system, we can easily fold it. This is a huge advantage that allows for easier storage of the trailer, e.g. in a garage, when it is not in use. The use of trailers is even more convenient thanks to the presence of a support wheel and LED lighting. As standard, the trailers are covered with black varnish (powder coating), but at the request of our customers, we can paint them in a different color.

The technical solutions used in our trailers are protected by a global patent.

Equipment - standard and additional

As standard, LORRIES motorcycle trailers are equipped with rear LED lamps, support wheel, handles embedded in the floor and aluminum floor filling. As additional equipment, our customers can choose a spare wheel that will allow for quick replacement in the event of a puncture, aluminum rims, as well as anti-theft protection. All the mentioned ones make the chosen motocycle trailer as functional as possible for its user.

Strong and durable LORRIES trailers

In order for LORRIES trailers to serve our customers as long as possible, even in the most demanding conditions, we have taken care of their strengthening against corrosion in the hot-dip galvanizing process. Such a procedure additionally strengthens the trailer against possible mechanical damage. However, it is worth remembering that the galvanized surface should be properly looked after, because this is to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. What are the best practices? It is worth remembering to wash the trailer after contact with road salt and various chemicals.

In our daily work, we follow a quality policy that allows us to offer our customers reliable and safe products that fully comply with applicable legal requirements and customer expectations. Moreover, we improve our quality management system every day. We have also introduced production control at its individual stages in order to monitor the production of our trailers on an ongoing basis. We also focus on details, because we know perfectly well that they make up the entire LORRIES motorcycle trailer and more. Our clients are our motivation to act, but also inspiration, which allows us to create products that are even better suited to their needs.