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Heavy-duty trailers

How do I distinguish between a lightweight and a heavy trailer? Lightweight car trailers have a GVW of up to 750 kg and therefore do not have brakes; heavier trailers with a GVW of 1,000 kg and over are fitted with an overrun brake. A heavy-duty trailer is an extremely useful and functional transport item, especially for contractors who transport heavy loads or construction equipment. The LORRIES brand offers heavy-duty trailers in various sizes and load capacities, allowing you to choose a product that is suited to your specific needs.

LORRIES brand heavy-duty trailers are products characterised by high quality workmanship and durability, making them ideal for transporting heavy and bulky loads. The construction of the trailers is solidly built and the materials they are made from provide protection against mechanical damage and corrosion.

The LORRIES heavy-duty trailer is a guarantee of solidity and durability in the transport of heavy loads!

You can find models with different load capacities in our range, allowing you to choose a heavy-duty trailer that is suited exactly to your needs. As a result, the heavy-duty trailers on offer are ideal for transporting all sorts of machinery or equipment.

In addition to their high quality and functionality, LORRIES heavy-duty trailers are also distinguished by their attractive design. The models have a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance, which certainly attracts attention and allows the company to be presented in a professional manner.

A heavy-duty trailer is essential for transporting heavy and bulky loads whose weight and capacity exceeds that of a bus-type vehicle. An example of such transport would be the transport of construction machinery, such as a mini excavator, mini crane or rolling mill.

What to look for when choosing a heavy duty trailer? Check out the most important factors!

When choosing a heavy-duty trailer, there are a number of important factors to consider. First and foremost, the load capacity mentioned earlier, i.e. the maximum weight of the load that can be transported safely, must be taken into account. The load capacity of the trailer must be adapted to the needs and requirements of the specific transport. For example, our TPM20-2612 model has a GVW of up to 2000 kg (extendable to 2700 kg). The trailer weighs 587 kg. It can carry a load of more than 1,400 kg, a length of more than 2.6 and a width of 1.25 metres.

Another important factor is the strength and durability of the trailer. It is worth paying attention to the quality of workmanship, the type of materials used and the overall design. A solid and durable heavy-duty trailer ensures safe transport of the load and a long product life.

Other important aspects are the type of axle and the type of brakes. When choosing a heavy-duty trailer, also pay attention to the possibility of retrofitting it with additional elements, such as a tarpaulin or sideboards. With the right choice, a heavy-duty trailer will ensure the safe and comfortable transport of loads while meeting the individual requirements and needs of the customer.