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Drop-side trailers are an excellent means of cargo transport for domestic, renovation and construction purposes. The solutions we provide are characterized by various dimensions and technical innovations. All trailers are protected with a special anti-corrosion coating, which additionally protects them against light mechanical damages (e.g. bumps or dents). The offered flatbed trailers have an advanced hinge remove system that allows for easy disassembly of the sides, allowing for a completely flat form of the platform. In addition, they have the possibility of various installation options (the so-called multi top system). You can choose among the finishing with a flat tarpaulin, tarpaulin with a frame, front railing, full side extension or a perforated extension.

LORRIES drop-side trailers are able to meet the expectations of different clients. The models we offer are additionally distinguished by strong supporting frames made of a closed profile.

Lightweight sideboard trailers up to 750 kg

Economical, small-sized transport trailers with a permissible total weight of up to 750 kg can be used universally. This is the best answer for those looking for means of transport for household appliances, for cleaning or renovation works. As standard, they are equipped with a waterproof, non-slip floor. These types of drop-side trailers have a frame of high rigidity, which is the best guarantee of stability and long-term resistance to damage. Moreover, it is very easy to change the location of the belt fasteners in order to keep the transported load in a safe position. Several handles allow to use the straps of the side trailers so that they perform their function properly, regardless of the dimensions of the articles they cover. It is also worth remembering that they can be additionally equipped, among others into LED lights with a long service life. If there is a sudden problem with one of the wheels, using a spare wheel will help. It is an additional, but paid equipment of the drop-side trailer.

Two-axle sideboard trailers

These are practical drop-side trailers. Stability and driving confidence are guaranteed thanks to two axles. The frame of the structure is made of a closed profile, which translates into its rigidity and durability. The draw-bar and two stringers are an integral part of the frame. The waterproof and non-slip plywood floor of the two-axle sideboard trailers is reinforced at the bottom with transverse supports made of closed steel profiles. A practical solution is also the possibility of rearranging the belt fasteners. A great advantage is the quick possibility of disassembling the sides and side posts, thanks to which a flat loading surface is created. Another advantage of drop-side trailers with two axles is the fact that they provide their users with comfortable, safe and secure movement. This is due to the greater contact area between the wheels and the road, which reduces the risk of the trailer skidding. Therefore, it is much easier to control a structure in motion when its wheels move on a wet or icy road, as well as when one of the tires breaks.

Reliable and strong multi-purpose trailers

The sides of the trailer are 35 cm high. They are made of galvanized sheet, which guarantees high resistance and durability of the trailer to corrosion. In addition, it makes it mechanically resistant to strong solar radiation or intense rainfall, after which it does not deform. Thanks to this, it retains its color for many years.

Additionally, the sides of the trailer have been reinforced with modern, geometric pressings, which catch the eye and distinguish these models on the road.

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What materials are multi-purpose trailers designed to carry?

Skid trailers can be used for transporting furniture, construction tools and also for transporting goods.

What to look for when choosing a multi-purpose trailer?

When choosing a side-by-side trailer, it is worth paying attention to its permissible total weight, as well as the weight of the trailer. By subtracting the weight of the trailer from the gross permissible weight, we are able to determine the maximum weight of the goods to be transported.

Reliability and durability

The frame and drawbar of trailers undergo a hot galvanizing process, with which the steel receives a protective coat that strengthens it against mechanical damage and corrosion.

Some facts about the galvanized surface:

1. It should be washed, especially after contact with road salt or chemicals.
2. Galvanized elements should be regularly maintained.
3. The galvanized coating slightly changes its color and becomes dull over time. However, this does not affect the corrosion protection of the vehicle in any way.