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Sideboard trailers are a universal solution for various needs

Sideboard trailers are an excellent means of transporting loads for household, renovation and construction needs. Solutions provided by us are characterized by various dimensions, permissible total weight and technical solutions. They are all protected with a special anti-corrosive coating, which additionally protects them against light mechanical damage (e.g. bumps or dents).

Sideboard trailers have an innovative hinge remove system, which allows simple disassembly of sideboards, allowing for a completely flat form of the platform. In addition, there is a possibility of various types of superstructures (so-called multi top system). You can choose a flat tarpaulin, tarpaulin with frame, front railing, full side extension or perforated extension.


Lightweight sideboard trailers up to 750 kg

Economical, compact transport trailers with a maximum total weight of up to 750 kg have the most universal application. This is the best answer for those seeking means of transport for home appliances, during cleaning or renovation works. As a standard, they are equipped with a waterproof, non-slip floor.


Two-axle sideboard trailers

These are practical sideboard trailers with a large loading area. The wheels of the vehicle were placed outside so that not only the packaging space increased, but it was placed lower, which makes loading easier. Stability and driving reliability are guaranteed thanks to two axles. The frame of the structure is welded and additionally reinforced with profiles, which translates into its rigidity and durability. The drawbar and two stringers form an integral part of the rigid frame. Waterproof and non-slip floor plywood is additionally reinforced from below with transverse brackets made of steel hollow sections. An additional practical solution is the possibility of changing the belt fasteners. The big advantage is the quick possibility of disassembly of the side posts, thanks to which a flat loading surface is created.



This solution allows the load box to be tilted, which allows easier luggage insertion. Depending on the variant selected, models with a GVW of up to 750 or 1000 kg and in braked or unbraked options can be selected. In addition to tilting, they have the same solutions as standard sideboard trailers.

Reliability and durability

The frame and drawbar of trailers undergo a hot galvanizing process, with which the steel receives a protective coat that strengthens it against mechanical damage and corrosion.

Some facts about the galvanized surface:

1. It should be washed, especially after contact with road salt or chemicals.
2. Galvanized elements should be regularly maintained.
3. The galvanized coating slightly changes its color and becomes dull over time. However, this does not affect the corrosion protection of the vehicle in any way.