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Discover the latest offer Lorries car trailers, where we present the freshest products from our range. Our modern ones trailers combine functionality with innovative technological solutions, ensuring reliability and comfort of use. All models are equipped with systems that increase safety and durability, as well as adapted to a variety of transport needs. Discover ours offer and find the perfect one trailer, which will not only facilitate transportation, but will also introduce a new level of comfort to your travels. Our trailers are designed for maximum efficiency and comfort, ensuring that every journey with our equipment will be trouble-free and safe.

STX495I flatbed trailer

Tilting side trailer

A modern STX495I flatbed trailer with a GVM of 1,350 kg, represents the perfect transport solution, combining solidity and usability. The single-axle variant, with a braking system, weighing 420 kg, has been designed for the safe and secure transportation of various loads, including vehicles such as quads and snowmobiles with a total weight of approximately 930 kg. Thanks to a variety of additional equipment, it is a proposition worth considering for sports enthusiasts.

STX435I flatbed trailer

Tilting side trailer

STX435I flatbed trailer is a modern transport solution, offering high durability and functionality. With a GVM of 1,350 kg and a curb weight of 420 kg, it is ideal for stable and safe transporting various loads, including vehicles such as quads or snowmobiles with a total weight of approx 930 kg. Its various additional equipment makes it an attractive option for sports enthusiasts.

STX395I flatbed trailer

Tilting side trailer

A modern flatbed trailer STX395I, With GVM of 1,350 kg, is an excellent transport solution that combines durability and functionality. As a 1-axle model, braked, with scale 420 kg, was designed with the stable and safe transport various types of loads, including various types of vehicles, e.g. quads, snowmobiles with a total weight of approx. 930 kg. Thanks to the very diverse additional equipment, it is a real treat for sports fans.

Construction trailer TPM35-4017

Heavy construction trailer

Three-axle construction trailer TPM35-4017, With GVM up to 3500 kg, is the ideal transport solution for professionals, connecting solidity and precision. Equipped with LED lighting, overrun brake and parking, tool chest and full ramp, ensure safe and convenient transportation light construction machines. Construction made of durable closed profile, hot-dip galvanized with passivation, increases durability and resistance to corrosion. The stable support of the gangway and the low angle of inclination make it easier vehicle loading on uneven terrain, ensuring comfort of work.

TPB27-4925 trailer

Cable construction trailer

TPB27-4925 cable trailer o GVW 2700 kg is a model designed for transport of cables and wires. It enables loading three drums at the same time, increasing work efficiency. Innovative frame lowering system to ground level, manual winch with the possibility of tripling the pull and Teflon plain bearings they minimize loading effort and protect cables from damage. Gas springs and wheel chocks ensure stability even on uneven terrain, making this trailer ideal for demanding jobs in the cable industry.

TPB30-4925 trailer

Cable construction trailer

Cable trailer TPB30-4925 about GVM 3000 kg is an ideal means of transport for transporting drums with cables or pipes. Equipped with innovative frame lowering system down to ground level, allows easy loading of drums with a diameter of 600-2600 mm. Construction with high-quality black sheet metal, hot-dip galvanized, ensures durability and corrosion resistance. The trailer has overrun brake and parking, gas springs, manual winch with a steel cable with a pull of 1150 kg and Teflon plain bearings, which make it easier to unwind cables. Thanks to these features, TPB30-4925 is irreplaceable in the industry telecommunications, energy and construction.

TPB35-4925 trailer

Cable construction trailer

Cable trailer TPB35-4925 about GVM of 3,500 kg it's the perfect solution for transportation drums with cables and pipes. Thanks two axes and the ability to transport drums o weighing up to 2900 kg, ensure stability and efficiency, even on uneven terrain. It has innovative system for lowering the frame to ground level, enabling easy loading of drums with a diameter of 600mm to 2600mm. Equipped with manual winch with steel cable, Teflon plain bearings and gas springsthat automatically lift the frame. Hot-dip galvanizing protects against corrosion, a overrun brake and parking guarantee driving and parking safety.

Boat trailer PP35-9825

Three-axle boat trailer

Boat trailer three-axis PP35-9825 combines solid construction, innovative systems and precise solutions, offering safe and comfortable transport of boats up to 10 meters long. Equipped with extended drawbar and system extendable rear lamps, ensures stability, comfort and reliability, especially in difficult conditions. Additionally, thanks to the optional equipment i protective coatings, the trailer is adapted to work in a salt water environment, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and stylish appearance.

Car transporter PL35-6021

Three-axle tow truck trailer

Three-axle tow truck trailer model PL35-6021 is a perfect combination of functionality and durability. Thanks to the permissible total weight of 3500 kg and a load capacity of over 2,600 kg, it is an ideal solution for those who need a reliable vehicle for transporting heavy vehicles. Its maximum the length of the loading area is approx. 6 m, which guarantees comfortable and safe transport of cargo.

Car transporter PL35-8521

Three-axle trailer, tow truck for two cars

A long three-axle trailer for two cars is an ideal solution for companies transporting heavy vehicles. The permissible total weight of the trailer is 3,500 kg and its load capacity exceeds 2,500 kg. The tow truck has maximum loading surface length of 8.5 meters, which ensures comfortable and safe transportation of two cars. The tow truck has braked axles and R10 wheels, which guarantees stability and control while driving...