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How much is the total weight of the trailer with integrated overruns from the Lorries range?

There are a number of differences between the car transporters with integrated onerruns that we offer our customers. One of the most important is, of course, the maximum permitted gross vehicle weight, ranging from 2,700 to a maximum of 3,500 kg. It is also worth noting factors such as the maximum length of the loading area, payload, external dimensions or the angle of the ramp, which can be formed by tilting platforms of the trailer with integrated ramps. All the vehicles on offer are of a very high quality, as our trailers are welded together. Both the frame and the trailer platform are made of structural steel, which is then galvanised to protect it from corrosion.

The highest quality of our trailers

The car transporter trailers with integrated that make up the Lorries range have fully welded frames and bodies, which has a positive effect on their durability. As does subjecting them to hot-dip galvanisation to give them an extra layer of protection. Using our services, each model can be purchased with standard or additional equipment - depending on your needs. The trailer we offer can be used equally well for your own use or, for example, by companies providing roadside assistance or car repair services.