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STX395I flatbed trailer


A tilting flatbed trailer with a GVM up to 1,350 kg and a light structure allows you to transport various types of loads, as well as vehicles such as quads or snowmobiles.

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up to 1350 kg
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1900 mm

Modern STX395I flatbed trailer, with GVM of 1,350 kg, is an excellent transport solution that combines durability and functionality. As a 1-axle, braked model, with a weight of 420 kg, it was designed for the stable and safe transport of various types of loads, including various types of vehicles, e.g. quads, snowmobiles with a total weight of approx. 930 kg. Thanks to the very diverse additional equipment, it is a real treat for sports fans.


STX395I is a tilting trailer. The platform tilts backwards and its approach angle is 11.5 degrees, which makes loading and unloading much easier, especially when entering various types of vehicles. Thanks to the fully welded platform and drawbar made of a strong closed profile, it ensures driving stability and durability of the structure. The whole thing is covered with a layer of zinc with fire passivation, which effectively protects against corrosion, even in difficult conditions, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics and durability.



The STX395I trailer has spacious loading area. It is equipped with 25 cm high steel sides, of which the front and rear sides are open and fully removable. The side walls are structural elements and are permanently mounted. To tilt the platform, we use a strong trapezoidal lift, which is standard equipment.

There are 8 strong hooks inside the trailer, with which you can... you can secure your cargo. The trailer is equipped with an overrun and parking brake increases control and safety while driving and parking. Thanks to the support wheel, maneuvering it is much easier.


The trailer floor is made of waterproof and non-slip plywood guarantees ease of loading and its safety even in difficult conditions. As standard, the trailer is equipped with LED lamps, ensuring better visibility and road safety. The modern appearance of the model is emphasized by front and rear black covers made of plastic. They not only have a decorative purpose, but above all, they protect against mechanical damage, which is especially important during intensive use. The covers are placed both on the outside and inside of the front and rear sides.


For additional protection of the transported goods, the manufacturer has provided a tight, openable aluminum structure. It is possible to reduce the approach angle of the trailer by replacing the standard rear board with a half- or full gangway, which allows you to enter the trailer without tilting the platform. To increase safety, the trailer can also be equipped with: anti-theft protection, spare wheel with mounting and a set of axle shock absorbers. Moreover, you can order it with an option additional painting in black, which will not only ensure a modern look, but above all will further increase its resistance to external factors.

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Technical data
STX395I flatbed trailer
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Loading surface height [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type
Approach angle [degrees]

Standard equipment

Overrun brake
Parking brake
LED rear lamps
Handles attached to the sideboards
Jockey wheel
Waterproof and non-slip floor plywood

Additional equipment

Powder painting
Anti-theft protection
Spare wheel with mountings
Shock absorber with mounting

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