What does the registration of a water scooter trailer look like?

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What does the registration of a water scooter trailer look like?

A trailer for transporting a jet ski, just like all other motor vehicles, must pass the procedure necessary to admit the vehicle to traffic on public roads. For this purpose, it must obtain a registration certificate or a temporary permition. If you decide to buy a new car trailer, you can register it before it leaves the showroom.
From our article you will learn what to prepare, what fees to pay and where to go to make it as quickly and easily as possible.
Note: The presented regulations relate to registration procedures in Poland.

First registration of a trailer - where to start?

For owners of jet skis, yachts and fishing boats, who often travel to different waters and regularly use their water equipment, the purchase of a trailer is one of the best and most cost-effective solutions. And while choosing the right model is a pleasure for many people, we also need to remember about more ordinary things. After making your dream purchase, we need to register it. To do this quickly and without complications:

  • remember about the trailer insurance,
  • pay all required fees,
  • gather all the documents described below,
  • finally go to the appropriate office and submit a complete set of documents.

Trailer registration - price, i.e. how much does it cost?

Registration of a new car trailer, regardless of its GVM, costs PLN 121.5. Payments can be made by bank transfer or transfer to the Office's bank account or directly at the Office's cash desk. However, remember to do this before starting registration. It is important that after making the payment by bank transfer, print its confirmation and attach it to the other documents.

Registration of a new trailer. What documents are needed?

To save yourself time in the office, prepare the following list of documents:

  • completed application (you can download it from the communication department of the city or commune office or from the website www.gov.pl/web/gov/zareawod-pojazd);
  • a document that will confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle - in the case of new trailers, it is a VAT invoice (make sure that it contains your data and information about its manufacturer, year, model, color and VIN number);
  • confirmation of all payments;
  • EC certificate of conformity;
  • vehicle card;
  • manufacturer's declaration containing the complete set of data and information about the trailer, necessary for its registration.

Registration of a boat trailer. Insurance

Do not forget to purchase the civil liability insurance for the water scooter trailer. It is worth thinking about it in advance. In the case of trailers for transporting water scooters with a GVM of over 750 kg (e.g. TWIN model), most insurers will make the premium amount dependent on the purchase of an assistance service. Regardless of the dimensions of the cargo being transported, however, it is good to opt for AC, especially if we transport high-value water equipment.

Currently, all activities related to the registration of your vehicle must be performed directly by its owner, owners or through authorized intermediaries. However, we have good news for all those who decide to buy a new car trailer. From June 4, 2021, new road regulations enter into force, according to which you will be able to complete all the necessary formalities related to vehicle registration in the showroom. The new owner will not have to run around the offices. Thanks to this, it will save a lot of time ...

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