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Do you need a trailer to transport cable reels?

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How to choose the right cable trailer?

You are in the process of construction or maybe you are planning a renovation and you know that you cannot do without a cable trailer? Cable trailers are irreplaceable vehicles that have been specially designed to transport various types of cables, wires and pipes. Thanks to them, even the most demanding transport tasks become easier to perform.

Having two axles, Lorries trailers ensure stability and even weight distribution. These are key features that enable movement over uneven terrain, which is often necessary when working in hard-to-reach places.

What innovative features do Lorries cable trailers offer?

Cable trailers are not only standard transport equipment. These are well-thought-out solutions, equipped with an innovative frame lowering system. Thanks to the possibility of lowering the frame to ground level, loading becomes easier, even with the smallest cable drums. Lorries trailers allow for the simultaneous installation of up to three drums, which significantly increases work efficiency. Lowering the trailer's center of gravity ensures better stability during transport, and additional wheel locking prevents unwanted movement, especially on uneven terrain.

What design features of cable trailers ensure durability and resistance to external conditions?

Lorries cable trailers are constructed of high-quality black sheet metal, which ensures a durable and solid structure. The key element protecting against unfavorable external factors is hot-dip galvanizing, which additionally increases resistance to corrosion, friction and impacts.

How do Lorries cable trailers contribute to safety?

Lorries trailers also ensure driving safety, equipped with overrun and parking brakes, which shorten the braking distance and guarantee stability when parked.

Cable trailers have become an indispensable tool in many industrial sectors, especially where large amounts of cables need to be transported. Thanks to their specialized design, it is possible to transport cable reels quickly and safely, minimizing the risk of damage and shortening the time needed for their deployment. In the telecommunications, energy and construction industries, where cables are crucial, this solution significantly speeds up work and reduces costs.

Lorries customers can be sure that cable trailers are reliable and functional work tools that will meet even the most demanding expectations.

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