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logo lorries białe
logo lorries białe

LORRIES is a modern brand of trailers providing reliable vehicles of excellent quality and outstanding design. We treat our clients as partners who not only inspire us to work, but also give ideas for the implementation of subsequent projects. As a result, our range of products is constantly expanding and satisfying new needs arising from the market. Our goal is to create vehicles that will be durable, functional, solid, thoughtful and practical. They are to serve for many years, which is why we attach great importance to the quality of their workmanship. We focus on details that make up the whole of reliable trailers. You can already choose among many models of sideboard trailers, carriages, trailers for transporting machines, boats or motorcycles.

LORRIES grafika strona główna
Siedziba LORRIES
logo firmy Stalko z Radomia

LORRIES is the brand belonging to the STALKO company, one of the fastest growing companies in Radom, which provides solutions to many industry sectors and areas of everyday life. Stalko's history dates back to over 40 years of experience in metalworking. This is nearly 7,000 sq m. of the machinery park equipped with the latest technologies. The experience of STALKO engineers and production staff, KNOW-HOW gained over the years, constantly expanded knowledge and technical thought, allowed us to create the modern brand of car trailers, which immediately stood out on the market. LORRIES products, with quality, reliability and design, have been gaining more and more enthusiasts for more than 5 years of their existence both at home and abroad.


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