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Cable trailer TPB30-4925


The TPB30-4925 cable trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 3,000 kg is the ideal means of transport for transporting cable drums or pipes.

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up to 3000 kg
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Cable trailer TPB30-4925


The TPB30-4925 cable trailer is a vehicle designed for transporting various types of cables, wires and pipes. It features a permissible total weight of 3,000 kg, which allows it to carry spools with a total weight of almost 2,400 kg. This makes the trailer able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding transport tasks in the cable industry.

The vehicle has two axles, which, ensure stability and even weight distribution. In addition, they increase the trailer's ability to navigate uneven terrain, which is extremely important when working in hard-to-reach areas.




The cable trailers we offer are thoughtfully designed solutions that have:

  • Innovative frame lowering system - trailers have the ability to lower the frame all the way down to ground level. This makes loading considerably easier, enabling even the smallest cable drum with a diameter of 600 mm to be accommodated without additional effort;
  • Multifunctional - allows as many as three drums to be fitted at the same time, increasing efficiency;
  • Increased stability - due to the lowering of the trailer's centre of gravity, better stability is ensured during transport;
  • wheel-locking chocks provide additional security for the trailer against unwanted movement, especially on uneven terrain;
  • Large drums can be loaded - they are suitable for transporting even very large cable drums with a diameter of up to 2,600 mm;
  • Reinforced winch - equipped with a manual winch with a steel cable pulling capacity of 1150 kg, which, thanks to the use of 3 blocks, allows its pulling power to be increased threefold,
  • Gas springs - fitted on both sides of the trailer, automatically lift the frame, which swings back
  • Teflon slide bearings - the mounting tube equipped with Teflon slide bearings makes the process of uncoiling and coiling the cable much easier, reducing effort and the risk of cable damage.


Cable trailer design


The cable trailer has been constructed from high-quality black sheet metal, which forms the basis of its durable and robust construction. Hot-dip galvanisation is a key element in protecting the trailer from adverse external influences such as moisture and salts. This process not only protects the metal from corrosion, but also increases its resistance to friction and impact. As a result, the service life of the vehicle is extended.

In terms of driving safety, the vehicle has:

  • overrun brake, which shortens the braking distance of the whole combination
  • a parking brake to guarantee the stability of the trailer when stationary.


Practical applications of the cable trailer in the industry


The cable trailer has become an indispensable tool in many industrial sectors, especially where large quantities of cables need to be transported. Thanks to its specialised design, it enables cable drums to be transported quickly and safely, minimising the risk of damage and reducing the time required for deployment. In the telecommunications, energy or construction industries, where cables are required for many projects, this solution significantly speeds up work and reduces costs.




Cable trailer TPB30-4925 - standard equipment


The cable trailer is equipped with a number of features to ensure its functionality and safety. As standard, each trailer has:

  • jockey wheel, which makes it easier to manoeuvre and stabilise the vehicle when stationary;
  • overrun and parking brakes ensure safe and controlled stopping of the trailer and its stability when stationary
  • anti-slide locks on the drum to prevent the load from moving sideways during transport;
  • wheel chocks, providing additional protection of the trailer against unwanted movement, especially on uneven terrain;
  • loading supports, used to stabilize the trailer during loading and unloading;
  • manual winch, used to lower and lift the load;
  • LED lamps, ensuring excellent visibility of the trailer.

All these elements make up the comprehensive standard equipment that makes the cable trailer a reliable and functional working tool.


A container trailer will also soon be available as an option


Soon our cable trailers will be able to be fitted with a construction container. This is the first of its kind in our market, which combines both possibilities.

construction trailer for transporting containers container trailer
  • capacity of the transported container 2mÂł;
  • the lid of the container will be fully removable or open in two directions (down/up);
  • the container will be equipped with additional safety grips on the frame to ensure stability and safety of the transported materials;
  • the container frame will also have holders for a tarpaulin, which will make it easy to protect the contents of the container from the weather;
  • the possibility of stacking 5 containers for transport, which will significantly increase efficiency.


Note: The products presented in the photographs may differ slightly from the originals. The contents of the website are for information purposes only and do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.


Technical data
Cable trailer TPB30-4925
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
2539 x 4917 x 2140
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type

Standard equipment

Overrun brake
Parking brake
LED rear lamps
Jockey wheel
Loading supports
Manual winch
Wheel-lock wedge
Locks against moving the drum

Additional equipment

Anti-theft protection
Spare wheel with mountings
Shock absorber with mounting
8,500 LBS winch

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