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Boat trailer PP35-9825


A three-axle boat trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 3500 kg equipped with a parking brake and overrun brake. 

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up to 3500 kg
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Triple-axle loader trailer PP35-9825


The PP35-9825 three-axle boat trailer is the result of a combination of solid construction, innovative systems and precise solutions. Its user can enjoy safe and comfortable transport of boats up to approximately 10 metres in length. Designed with reliability and comfort in mind, it is the ideal cruising companion.

Solidly built three-axle boat trailer for special tasks


The drawbar of the three-axle boat trailer has been lengthened, providing better stability and comfort over long distances. In addition, the bow has two rubber bumpers for better fit and attachment of the boat bow. The trailer has a winch to ensure comfortable and safe manoeuvring of the load.

The PP35-9825 three-axle trailer has a stable support wheel and three pairs of skids - front and rear (outer and lower) as side supports. The boat will be evenly placed on the side and front supports. 


Thanks to the retractable rear lamp system, the trailer can easily be submerged in water. The system, which is based on LED lamps and leak-proof Bayonet-type connectors, guarantees trouble-free operation of the vehicle's tail lamps, even in difficult unloading conditions. The PP35-9825 three-axle boat trailer has a self-adjusting axle position according to the load and a waterproof system to ensure the hubs are leak-proof. The wheels are positioned on the outside of the vehicle, which increases the loading area and makes it possible to transport wider vessels. In addition, this improves driving stability and safety, eliminating the risk of damage to the boat.


large massive boat trailer with skids with 3 axles boat trailer bau anhanger

Security coatings for a three-axle boat trailer


The structural components of the triple-axle boat trailer have undergone a hot-dip galvanising process with passivation. This process consists of coating the zinc with chromate layers which, when oxidised in contact with air, form an additional protective coating consisting of chromium oxide. All these elements contribute to its increased durability and strength.

They provide a reliable protective barrier against the corrosion process and minor mechanical damage. This type of protection is of paramount importance, especially in the case of boat trailers. Thanks to the hot-dip galvanisation used and the aforementioned system of watertight retractable lights, the trailer becomes extremely durable and resistant when working in such a harsh environment as salt water.




When operating a boat trailer, especially in areas with access to salt water, it is advisable to take proper care of its service life. If it comes into contact with seawater, we recommend thoroughly washing the trailer. Regular cleaning and maintenance are key elements in keeping it in excellent condition for many years. For those who would like to take even more care with the aesthetics of their boat trailer, we offer the option of ordering it with an additional lacquer coating in white or black. This will not only give it a modern look, but will also provide double protection against the weather and the elements. In this way, you can enjoy a trailer that not only meets high standards of functionality, but also looks stylish and classy.


large massive boat trailer with skids with 3 axles boat trailer bau anhanger
large massive boat trailer with skids with 3 axles boat trailer bau anhanger


Additional equipment for the triple-axle boat trailer 


With additional equipment, you can fully customise the trailer to your expectations and increase its functionality, comfort and safety:

  • aluminium rims - add a modern, fashionable look to the trailer;
  • spare wheel with attachment - will ensure quick response in case of breakdown;.
  • shock absorbers with mounts - will increase the comfort of the journey by reducing vibrations and shocks on uneven roads;
  • bow with electric winch - will give you more freedom when getting the boat onto the trailer;
  • aluminium platform - over 5.5 metres of non-slip platform, located along the trailer frame, ideal for easy access and manoeuvring around the load;
  • anti-slip step - mounted on the trailer frame, increases safety when entering and exiting the trailer;
  • drum flushing - is responsible for effectively flushing the salt out of the trailer brakes after the boat has been launched, reducing corrosion and damage to them;
  • anti-theft protection
  • additional set of belt fasteners (4 pcs.)



A 3-axle boat trailer - why choose it?

The PP35-9825 is a triple-axle boat trailer with a GVW of up to 3,500 kg, designed for the transport of boats and other vessels of nearly 10 metres in length.

Three-axle trailers are often referred to as specialised trailers because of the extra axle. Compared to 2-axle models, the weight of the loads carried is distributed more evenly, which increases stability and safety when driving.


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Note: In some car models, the trailer LED lighting may not work properly. This situation occurs most often in new car models and is caused by the low power consumption of LED technology. In order for the lights to work properly in the trailer, the hook should be equipped with an additional module for LED lighting. Lorries does not supply this module on produced trailers.

Note: The products presented in the photographs may differ slightly from the originals. The contents of the website are for information purposes only and do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.



Technical data
Boat trailer PP35-9825
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
2484 x 10567 x 1567
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type
Side support
Bottom roller [pieces]

Standard equipment

Overrun brake
Parking brake
Bottom roller
Tilting lamp system
LED rear lamps
Jockey wheel
Manual winch
Waterproof bearings
Set of belt fasteners
Adjustable winch post
Movable axis system
Soft double stem

Additional equipment

Powder painting
Rinsing the drums
Anti-theft protection
Non-slip side step
Additional set of belt fasteners (4 pcs.)
Aluminum rims
Spare wheel with mountings
Shock absorber with mounting
Aluminum platform
Stem with electric

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