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Trailers for construction - what do you need to know?

When building a house, we often need transport for the necessary materials: bricks, cement or wood. In most cases, you can of course order materials with delivery to your site, but what if you are missing something that is necessary to continue your work? In this case, a car trailer that will support you in difficult times becomes essential!

Why do I need it? trailer on construction site?

Each vehicle has a permissible total weight (GVW) - this is the kilogram limit, including the load, which cannot be exceeded in order to be admitted to road traffic. While combi cars or delivery vans have this weight appropriately higher, a classic passenger car can sometimes carry less than 150 kg of luggage. Therefore, we often cannot transport a large amount of goods or materials. Also a big problem is transporting bulky items - boards, machines or furniture.

In addition, not everything will fit into a passenger car - sometimes the load will only reduce the driving comfort, but in some situations it can also break the road traffic regulations - for example, the transported load cannot protrude too far beyond the outline of the vehicle. In such cases, a suitable trailer is needed for use on the construction site.

A trailer for a construction site - which model to choose?

When deciding to buy a car trailer to be used during construction, it is worth considering several options and thinking about what we will use it for. For example, the smallest construction trailer TM10 will be perfect for transporting vehicles and machines. You can transport e.g. a concrete mixer on it, because it has a special ramp that facilitates its loading. However, this is one of the models that professional construction companies use.

Box trailers are much better for transporting typical building materials, such as loose materials or bags. Here we can choose among tilting models, e.g. PU75-2613 or PU75-2012, or we can choose standard solutions in one- or two-axis version - respectively PB75-2614 / 1 and PB75-2614 / 2. Each of these models has a GVW of up to 750 kg, which allows you to transport loads weighing about 500 kg.

Buying a trailer for a construction site - how to choose a trailer for a car?

When deciding to buy a car trailer, it is worth paying attention to a few issues first. First of all - do we have the appropriate permissions for it? When moving with a category B driving license, we must remember that the total weight of the unit (car + trailer) cannot exceed 3.5 tonnes. However, the law allows us to tow a light trailer (up to a weight of 750 kg). In this case, the permissible total weight may not exceed 4.25 tonnes.

The best trailer for building a house

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