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Car transporter with sides - why is it a good solution for owners of vintage cars?

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Car transporter with sides - why is it a good solution for owners of vintage cars?

Nowadays, as motoring is rapidly evolving and modern vehicles continue to appear on the roads, the passion for vintage cars continues to enthral enthusiasts around the world. However, owners of these gems often face challenges when it comes to transporting their precious treasures. In this article, we take a look at why a car transporting trailer is the perfect solution for vintage car owners, providing not only safe transport, but also comfort and convenience for cars that are enshrined in automotive history.

Why a car transporting trailer with sides?

The main reason why a car transporter with sides is the ideal means of transport for vintage cars is safety. These unique vehicles require special protection during transport, as they are often sensitive to road conditions. A car transporter with sideboards provides extra protection against accidental damage, protecting vintage cars from stones, mud and other potentially damaging weather conditions.

Car transporter with sideboards and tarpaulin 

When investing in a car transporter with sides, it is also worth retrofitting it with a high tarpaulin with an aerodynamic slant. Its main advantage is the reduction of air resistance while driving, which translates into lower fuel consumption by the towed car. In addition, the cover effectively protects the transported load from rain, snow, mud and other adverse weather conditions. This is important, especially when transporting valuable vintage vehicles that are sensitive to moisture or dirt.

tow truck trailer with sides and a tarpaulin with an aerodynamic slant

Advantages of a car transporter with sideboards

Car transporting trailers with sideboards have hydraulic systems for raising and lowering the platform and additional overruns, which make it easier to load and unload vintage cars. Owners do not have to worry about damage that may be caused when loading on the ramp. This makes the process faster, more convenient and less of a hassle.

Thanks to the sides, car transporters offer extra stability when driving. This is important, especially if the journey takes you over winding and uneven roads. Owners of vintage cars can rest assured that their precious vehicles will remain intact even on bumpy routes.

How do I choose the right car transporter with sides?

When choosing a car transporter, load capacity is a key factor. Owners of vintage cars should check carefully whether the trailer can bear the weight of their vehicle in order to avoid problems during transport. The second important aspect is the size of the car to be transported on it, especially its length. What is important is that trailers with sideboards come in different sizes. When looking for a solution for yourself, you will find both vehicles with a loading platform length of 4.5 metres and even longer ones up to 5.5 metres.

Keep in mind that when buying a car transporter with sideboards, also find out whether it has the option of attaching a high tarpaulin with an aerodynamic slant. 

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