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Motorcycle transportation - everything you should to know

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Motorcycle transportation - everything you should to know

Motorcycle is a vehicle that provides travelers with a lot of experience. However, sometimes it may be necessary to transport it. It will be quite a challenge or a simple activity, depending on how you prepare. How to safely and trouble-free transport a motorcycle? Find out effective methods recommended by specialists.

Transport of the motorcycle on a trailer

What's the best way to transport a motorcycle? On the trailer, of course. The key to success is the equipment selected for your needs. The trailer must fit not only the motorcycle, but also to the car with which it will be transported. The car's task is to cope with the weight of the loaded trailer. You should remember that the greater the weight, the greater the fuel consumption. Currently, there are many modern trailers available on the market that are lighter and durable enough.

Basic rules for the carriage of the two-wheelers

First of all, the two-wheelers should be transported in an upright position. It is the most stable way of transportation. It is also important to stiffen the motorcycle body. The play on the suspension will make it much more difficult for you to drive with a load. The motorcycle must not be placed on the main stand during the transport. Also, do not block the brake, so as not to damage the motorcycle's hydraulic system.

Pay attention to proper lighting and proper positioning of fixings elements. In Poland, there is a speed limit of 70 km/h on the normal roads and 80 km/h on an expressways or motorways. 

Loading and fixing the motorcycle

Safety is most important when transporting a motorcycle on a trailer. The fastening straps are the most important for motorcycle’s protection. They should have min. 25 mm wide and a tensioning mechanism. The strength of such straps is from 500 to 1000 kg.

During transport, the two-wheeler is placed forward-facing and the front wheel is secured in case of sudden braking and the steering wheel is secured with two straps. Additional two straps are used to prevent the motorcycle from tilting on the sides. The last step is to immobilize the rear of the motorcycle.

Remember that the mount must rest against hard and stable parts of the motorcycle. Never fasten the straps on delicate parts, e.g. spokes or a mirrors, as this may cause damage. Avoid also sharp edges to prevent the straps from tearing during the transportation.

Want to see the best way to place the motorcycle on the trailer and fasten the straps correctly? We invite you to watch our short video tutorial, which shows the most important issues related to the transport of a motorcycle on a trailer.


Driving with a trailer requires greater skills from the driver. Prepare well to make the right choice trailers, stable mounting and safe driving with a load.

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