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How to transport a jet ski?

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How to transport a jet ski?

Summer is coming and with it the perfect weather to finally take your jet ski out of the garage? Or maybe just the opposite - the warmest season of the year has already passed and it's time to forget about your favorite pastime? Regardless of which of the situations described you are currently in, you are probably wondering how to transport a jet ski to the lake or other body of water, as well as back to the garage or other place of storage. So let us give you some advice, based on our own knowledge and experience in performing this activity.

Choose jet ski trailer with appropriate load-bearing capacity

Before we get to the point, i.e. how to properly organize the transport of a jet ski, we must remind you that you must first purchase a trailer, which is necessary for your jet ski to reach a specific place. There are many models on the market, so we are not surprised that many people are unable to purchase a trailer that meets their needs on their own. So what should you pay attention to before purchasing? Remember above all that transporting a scooter on a trailer it will be safe for him and road users - including you - when you place it on a driveless vehicle with appropriate load capacity. Therefore, you should check how much your scooter weighs and then choose a trailer that can withstand its weight.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a trailer?

When it comes to a trailer, the most important feature is its size - both in terms of permissible total weight and the maximum size of the scooter that allows it to be transported. It is also worth paying attention to whether the trailer can adjust the center of gravity of the transported load. The Waterproof system will also be helpful, i.e. additional sealing of the hubs that protects their bearings against flooding. Another feature that should be taken into account when choosing a trailer is immersed lighting. The recommended solution is LED lamps and Bayonet connectors that ensure the tightness of the entire system. Moreover, v jet ski trailer there must be a winch to help us with the tedious pushing of the water vehicle. The type of mounting is also important - skids, rollers or skid-rollers. The last, but equally important feature is the trailer's design. I guess no jet ski owner would want something to spoil its appearance, right? There is a really wide range on the market, so choosing a stylish trailer in various color options will not be a problem. 

Don't forget to check the technical condition of the towbar and trailer

Assuming that you chose it based on the advice above jet ski trailer has been fitted to it perfectly and is waiting for its use, it's time to move on to the next stage. It is very important to check the technical condition towbar. This is very important and should not be neglected, as it may result in the trailer and the jet ski being detached after being on the road. In the case of the above-mentioned towbar, attention should be paid primarily to its ball, which should not show any deformations. It is necessary to obtain an adequate voltage in the socket to power the installation in the trailer. A vehicle with a load attached to it must also be towed in the recommended manner illuminated, have a sufficiently high level of air pressure in the wheels and each screw is tightly tightened. 

Control the position of the scooter on the trailer while driving

When transporting the scooter, we recommend using good transport belts that allow you to place it in a stable, safe position. If the route to your previously chosen destination is particularly long, we advise you to stop the car after driving approximately 500 kilometers, get out of it and check the condition of the towbar screw connections and the tension of the load belts. This allows us to make sure nothing has come loose and we can continue our journey safely. When sitting behind the wheel, you should not forget to regularly look at the reflection of the side mirror, which will allow you to react quickly enough if you notice that the transported jet ski has started to wobble or in any other way indicates the need to correct its position on the road. jet ski trailer.  

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