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How to choose a trailer tow hook? It's nothing hard!

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How to choose a trailer tow hook? It's nothing hard!

For trailer owners, tow hooks are one of the essential car accessories. Thanks to them, it is possible to securely mount not only a cargo trailer, but also a caravan. It can also be used to mount a bicycle platform, transport box and, of course, a tow rope. If you want to properly invest your money, you should choose the right hook, tailored to your needs and your car. So let's check what to consider when buying.

Where to start?

At the beginning, you need to be sure that a tow hook can be fitted to your car.

If your car can have a tow hook installed, you can start to choose it.

In order to buy the right car hook, it is worth gathering all the necessary information about your car, to which you will attach a trailer or a bicycle platform. This will greatly facilitate the purchase and allow you to make the right choice.

If you use the services of a company that installs the tow hook, the dealer only needs the car make and model. On this basis, he will choose a solution that is right for you.

If you buy a tow hook yourself, e.g. via the Internet, make sure that the model you choose will be suitable for the type of car you have and the trailer you want to attach to it. In this case, the permissible weight of the trailer, the type of braked or unbraked, and whether the car has parking sensors or whether parts such as a muffler or a bumper have been replaced are important.

But that's just the beginning - these are the three most important steps to selecting a tow hook to help you make the right decision.

First off - define your needs

First of all, ask yourself how often you will tow. In the case of frequent use of the tow hook, choose one with two bolts (the most economical solution), if less often - choose a tow hook with a ball detachable or hidden under the bumper. The weight of the trailer is also important.

Secondly - check what type of hook will be appropriate

You can bet on one of the three basic types of car hook.

The choice is therefore an individual matter and depends on how often you use the hook, what budget you have and whether you want maximum comfort.

Thirdly - Select the appropriate harness

Usually hooks are equipped with 13-pin harnesses, which include cable responsible for the reversing light, permanent plus and battery charging, necessary for caravans. You can also choose a harness with a parking sensor deactivation function or a control module (for cars with advanced electronics).

It is also up to you to decide whether you choose a universal harness, which should be soldered to the car installation, or a dedicated one, thanks to which you can be sure that you will not lose your vehicle warranty.

Is that all? Of course not - when choosing, also pay attention to the manufacturer of the tow hook, consider purchasing accessories (e.g. an adapter or series suspension springs), and verify that the product has European approval.

Have you already chosen a tow hook? Then it needs to be installed and legalized

It would be the best to install purchased hook with the help of specialists. Often you can also buy the hook you have previously chosen directly from them.

Then you need to legalize it, thanks to which it will be approved for road use. First, conduct a test at a Vehicle Inspection Station, and then, together with the received acceptance and car registration certificate, go to the Department of Communications. That's it - you can go!

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