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How to properly attach the trailer to the car?

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How to properly attach the trailer to the car?

Did you buy a tow-bar? Check how to properly connect the trailer to the tow-bar!

The correct installation of the trailer is the precondition for safe movement on the roads with the trailer. For this purpose the tow-bar you have purchased is used. Both connecting and disconnecting is not a difficult task, but it is worth doing it based on proven knowledge that is acquired, for example, in a driving school. Here are the most important tips to keep you comfortable on the road and avoid undesirable situations.

Attaching the tow-bar in a few simple steps

Before you start the process, you need to properly install the tow-bar and then position the car in such a place that you can easily pull the trailer without the risk of damaging other vehicles (preferably in a large parking lot). How to efficiently perform the entire process? Here is a step by step instruction!


Step 1 - Prepare the trailer

First, of course, you need to unlock the trailer by removing the housing that secures the hook. All elements are very important here, so take a look at how they are fitted and store all the parts, because will need them in the future. Then open the trailer’s hook by moving the lever up.

Step 2 - Position the open trailer’s hook over the ball of the tow-bar

To safely guide the trailer to the tow-bar, make sure the ground is level. Position the trailer’s hook over the ball of the tow-bar and tighten the support wheel bolt. Then it will close on the ball (you will hear a characteristic "click"). The "+" sign on the hook also proves the correct mounting. Don't forget to tighten the lever manually!

towbar correctly closed on the towbar ball

Step 3 - Raise the support wheel and connect the lighting system

Before driving, it is necessary to raise the support wheel and make sure that it does not fall down - screw it very carefully. Then connect the lighting by inserting the plug into the car socket. Make sure that any cables do not touch the ground.

That's it - after releasing the brake and checking the operation of the lights, you are ready to go! Also remember to properly secure the load - it is as important as the attachment of the trailer and has an impact on road safety (yours and other road users).

If you prefer to watch than read, how to properly attach the trailer check our movie!

Now the car is ready to ride with the properly attached trailer.

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