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Meet a new type of trailer in our range - lightweight platform trailers!

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Meet a new type of trailer in our range - lightweight platform trailers!

If you are looking for a lightweight and mobile trailer that will enable you to transport a variety of loads, the platform trailer may be the ideal solution for you. The PT75-2617 model is new to our range. It is a single-axle trailer with a GVW of 750 kg which, thanks to its flat surface and tilting platform, allows you to easily fit light equipment, small vehicles such as lawnmowers or quads and larger loads such as furniture or pallets.

Discover the advantages of the new transport trailer PT75-2617

The PP35-8823 trailer is a braked model equipped with two axles designed for transporting heavy boats and yachts. It allows you to load boats weighing above 2800 kg and having a length until of 8.1 m. PT75-2617 is a model from a series of platform trailers that are characterized by universality and large cargo space. Due to the fact that it is flat and tiltable, it is easy to load and unload loads. Due to its light construction and GVWR of 750 kg, it can be attached to most passenger cars without the need for additional licenses. This way, you can save a lot of time and costs associated with renting trucks or trailers with a larger load capacity.

Using the platform trailer is very easy and user-friendly. An easy-to-use mechanism is used to lower or raise the platform. Thanks to the spacious loading area, larger loads can be transported in one go, which also saves time and costs on subsequent transports.

A good transport trailer - check PT75-2617

All in all, the PT75-2617 platform trailer is an excellent option for those who need a lightweight, mobile and versatile trailer for transporting a variety of loads. So if you're looking for a convenient and easy-to-use solution that will save you time and money, it's worth considering buying this model.

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