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Changes in road traffic regulations in 2020 and car trailers

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Changes in road traffic regulations in 2020 and car trailers

2020 is a year of many changes in road traffic regulations, which were initially supposed to apply from July 1. This deadline has been slightly postponed, but we can be sure that the new regulations will come into force soon - before the end of this year. They also include changes that will, to some extent, affect owners of car trailers - let's check which of the new regulations are worth paying special attention to!

Forgot your document? Don't worry!

The first significant changes for drivers - both those driving on Polish roads with and without a trailer - concern the issue of having documents during road inspections. Already two years ago, a decision was made that people who have a Polish driving license and travel within the territory of our country do not have to have their registration certificate and a document confirming their insurance. Now these regulations have been updated, which will provide further benefits for drivers - from December 5, 2020, you will not need to have a driving license with you. All data and authorizations will be checked in the central driver register during the inspection.

It is worth knowing that the changes in the regulations will allow you to leave your driving license at home and will enable you to use them via an application on your phone called mObywatel.

Facilitation of the vehicle registration procedure

Changes related to vehicle registration should also be very interesting for drivers of passenger cars and trailer owners. The first is the ability to leave your current license plates - as you know, you have to pay for replacing them, and the new regulations will allow you to avoid such a cost. The fee for the inspection sticker and the vehicle card, which is currently mandatory, will also disappear.

Another convenience will be the possibility of completing all formalities related to the registration of a vehicle, including a trailer, through the showroom. Thanks to this, the buyer will not only save time on completing formalities, but will also collect the registered vehicle from the showroom. This change will enter into force on June 4, 2021.

LORRIES blog changes in road regulations

The possibility of registering a vehicle (also temporary) at the place of temporary residence will also be a great convenience. The driver of a newly purchased trailer or car will also be able to take advantage of temporary registration at the county office competent for the place of purchase or collection of the vehicle. This makes it much easier for many people.

An additional change in the 2020 road traffic regulations is the possibility of temporarily withdrawing passenger cars from traffic. However, this does not apply to trailers, because those with a permissible total weight of up to 3.5 tons can be withdrawn from service for a long time - this will, of course, remain unchanged.

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