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Selection of the trailer and the weight of its load

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Selection of the trailer and the weight of its load

How to transport a heavy or undersized load if we only have a passenger car at our disposal? Sometimes it may be necessary to rent or buy a car trailer. It is especially worth considering the latter, when we often have to transport various types of cargo, and we do not want to invest in a bus or delivery van. How to choose a trailer to suit our needs? Our article will tell you about this.

Division of trailers: single-axle and two-axle

Light trailers can be divided into single-axle and two-axle. The first of them have one pair of wheels with a maximum permissible weight of 750 kg. They are used to transport building materials, furniture, gardening equipment, smaller household appliances and much more. Importantly, such a trailer can be attached to any car equipped with a towbar. There is no need to have special permissions, all you need is a category B driving license. Such trailers can be towed by cars with a maximum permissible weight that does not exceed 3.5 tons. They are equipped with two pairs of road wheels, they are stable, which allows you to transport larger loads, while maintaining maximum safety.

When buying a trailer, pay attention to its DMC and the weight of the trailer itself. After subtracting these two parameters, we can see what load (of what weight) we can transport. And this is what is decisive in many cases, which trailer will be chosen. Importantly, single-axle trailers are lighter, but two-axle trailers (despite being heavier) are more stable in driving.

Which car trailer to choose?

There are many types of trailers on the market that will allow you to transport various loads. The choice depends on what we want to transport. If we are fans of two-wheelers, a motocycle trailer with a maximum permissible weight of 750 kg will be useful here, thanks to which safe transport of motorcycles is possible. A dropside trailer is an ideal means of transport for transporting loads for construction, renovation and household purposes. You can bet on both light single-axle and two-axle trailers. Both versions have strong and durable sides that additionally protect the transported loads. Professionals who do heavy work usually choose construction trailers. Thanks to them, you can safely transport construction equipment as well as work materials. It is a very universal solution, because the capacity of the vehicles varies. The largest construction trailer even has a load capacity of up to 2,700 kg. Each of the trailers has a completely different purpose and permissible total weight, thanks to which everyone can choose their means of transporting loads.

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