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Tow truck trailers - what is worth to know about them?

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Tow truck trailers - what is worth to know about them?

Tow truck trailers are a safe and reliable way to transport cars and other vehicles anywhere. They can be used by both private individuals and companies that specialize in, for example, roadside assistance. Here is a collection of the most important information about them.

Tow truck trailers - what are they and what can they transport?

A tow truck is a special type of trailer whose primary task is to transport passenger cars. They are perfect, for example, after a road collision, as a result of which the car, which is unable to continue driving, has to be taken to a workshop. But that's not all. A modern tow truck trailer with appropriate parameters will also allow you to transport caravans, quads, machines and construction equipment. As a result, tow truck trailer is widely used by both individual users as well as car repair shops and roadside assistance companies.

Of course, there are a variety of tow truck trailers at your disposal – with different parameters and functions. Lorries offers solutions with various permissible total weights from 2,700 to 3,500 kg and with various solutions. Our trailers include:

  • standard tow trucks trailers, with classic equipment – separate ramps, tilting ramp, support and spare wheel, wedges and a manual winch;
  • integrated tow trucks trailers, which have the same equipment as standard trailers, but differ from them in that they have been equipped with ramps that are an integral part of the frame (thanks to this, they provide more comfort, because they do not require separate extension and mounting of the ramps);
  • tow trucks trailers with side boards, which have been equipped with aluminum side boards and a plywood floor, which makes them perfect for the closed transport - e.g. transport of expensive sports or collector's cars.

What distinguishes high-quality tow truck trailers? First of all, the strength and stability of the structure – their frames and draw-bars should be made of closed profiles, and additionally, steel structures must be hot-dip galvanized. As a result, they will be resistant not only to corrosion, but also their durability will be increased in terms of various types of mechanical damage.

Who can drive a trailer with a tow truck trailer?

Although it may seem that additional requirements must be met to drive a tow truck, it can actually be done by almost anyone who has a driving license of the B category. Almost everyone, because it applies to tow trucks trailers up to 750 kg or heavier, but only when the weight of the car, trailer and its load does not exceed 3500 kg.

In case of heavier vehicles, a driving license of the B96 category is needed (it allows towing a trailer whose GVM exceeds 750 kg, while the GVM of such a combination of vehicles exceeds 3500 kg, but does not exceed 4250 kg) or B + E category, which is the most common entitlement for professional tow truck drivers. When towing a trailer, we must remember that the weight of the trailer cannot exceed the weight of the towing car, and its GVM must be at least 1.33 GVM of the trailer.

It is important to remember about the road traffic regulations - in a built-up areas, a car with a tow truck trailer can move 50 km/h during the day (5.00 a.m-11.00 p.m.) or up to 60 km/h at night (11.00 p.m. - 5.00 a.m.), while outside the built-up areas, in case of single carriageway roads, the vehicle with a tow truck trailer can travel at a maximum speed of 70 km/h, and on dual carriageways, expressways or motorways - 80 km/h.

When to call a tow truck?

Faire appel à une dépanneuse est une étape fondamentale en cas de collision routière grave, d'accident ou lorsque votre voiture tombe en panne pendant un trajet. Grâce à cette remorque spéciale, vous pourrez transporter efficacement votre voiture jusqu'à l'atelier le plus proche.

In a situations where you have a collision or breakdown on the road, do not forget about other activities that will affect the safety of you and other road users turn off the engine of the car, remove the keys from the ignition, then set the warning triangle and turn on the emergency lights!

Panne de voiture

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