New solutions in the LORRIES offer - a tow truck with a tarpaulin

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New solutions in the LORRIES offer - a tow truck with a tarpaulin

A tow truck trailer is a frequently chosen solution for transport companies, car repair shops, roadside assistance and other entrepreneurs who deal with the transport of cars. They enable safe and comfortable transport of the car to the chosen destination.

W większości przypadków do transportu auta wystarczy zwykła laweta. Czasami jednak samochód, który przewozimy jest bardzo drogi i nie należy go wystawiać na działanie czynników zewnętrznych. Zdarzają się także przypadki, kiedy nie chcemy pokazywać przewożonego przez nas ładunku, bo jest to np. samochód sportowy lub wyścigowy. Wtedy najczęstszy wybór pada na przyczepę lawetę z plandeką, nazywaną także miękkim coverem.

For customers who are looking for such solutions, we have expanded the offer of equipping trailers with a tarpaulin.

przyczepa laweta LORRIES z plandeką

Tow truck with tarpaulin

The tarpaulins are dedicated to standard tow truck trailers (PL series) equipped with aluminum sides and plywood or plywood floor filling and corrugated aluminum sheet. They are available for each trailer model, regardless of which trailer size you choose. The tarpaulin together with the sides create a loading space with a height of 200 cm. The tarpaulin can be opened from four sides.

Tarpaulin on a frame - what's in the set?

The tarpaulin is placed on a stable steel frame, made of galvanized closed profiles. When you buy it, you get pine boards that will stiffen the sides of the structure from the inside, a rope to attach all sides of the tarpaulin, and metal eyelets for threading the rope.

Tarpaulin trailer - what are the options?

In addition, you can order the tarpaulin in the option of the so-called aerodynamic slope, which is located in the upper front part of the front wall. Another option is to order a tow truck trailer equipped with a tarpaulin with an imprint, e.g. with a logo or other larger graphics. In this case, the execution is priced individually, based on the provided design.

Remember, a trailer equipped with a tarpaulin cover will not only protect your cargo against weather conditions, but also protect it from damage or theft. 

przyczepa laweta z burtami i plandeką z ożliwością znakowania
Standard tow truck trailer with sides and cover with print
przyczepa laweta z burtami i plandeką ze skosem aerodynamicznym
Standard tow truck trailer with sides and cover with an aerodynamic slope

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