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How to protect the trailer against theft?

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How to protect the trailer against theft?

In a situation where we are faced with the need to transport large loads, many people decide to buy a trailer. However, there is a need to protect it against theft, especially when parked. This is of great importance especially when the vehicle with the trailer or the trailer itself is parked outside the property, in an unfenced yard or outside a closed garage. In this article, you will learn how to secure your trailer against theft.

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Trailer connected to the car - how to protect it against the thief?

Car trailer is quite an expensive item, so it can fall victim to thieves regardless of whether will it be attached to the car or not. In a situation where we are dealing with a trailer attached to a car, it is worth thinking about a mechanical lock of the lever that releases the latch, which closes on the ball of the towbar. The latch should have a locker and be made of a durable material. Thanks to this, it will be much more difficult for a third party to destroy the protection. There are also special clamps on sale that block the possibility of removing the trailer drawbar from the ball. They also allow for the insertion of a padlock to lock the catch release mechanism.

Securing the unfastened trailer against theft

When we leave our trailer alone, not connected to the car, e.g. in a parking lot, we should secure it well against possible theft. The most radical solution is to use a wheel lock, which is used, for example, by the municipal police. A variety of mechanisms are available that can help protect your trailer from theft. Electronic devices as well as mechanical interlocks can also be used here. You should focus on preventing the person who steals from having the possibility to connect the trailer to the car. It is best to choose specialized locks that are put on the drawbar. Such blockers have locks that do not allow them to be disconnected from the trailer. Guards are also used to protect the trailer against theft. They are put on the tip of the drawbar, thus covering the place that allows you to connect the trailer to the car.

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