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Maintenance and servicing of trailers and tow bar – what should you know?

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Maintenance and servicing of trailers and tow bar – what should you know?

Each user of the trailer wants it to be at his disposal over many years and that there is no damage or any problems in its use. The condition of the vehicle after a few years is largely influenced by the owner himself – proper maintenance is necessary for both the trailer and the towing hook. Check what is worth remembering!

How to take care of the trailer?

Let's start with the trailer, because although maintenance is not the most complicated in its case, you should absolutely remember a few things. Of course, the basis is regular washing of the trailer. Thanks to this, it will not only look great, but you will also be able to significantly minimize the risk of rust. All that is needed is water and a suitable preparation – e.g. a standard car body shampoo. To remove any dirt, it is worth using special washers or getting a brush for washing trailers and motorhomes – it is a small expense and will allow you to take care of your vehicle more effectively.

Thorough and regular washing is especially important in the winter season, when salt is spilled on the roads – it can pose a threat to the galvanized coating and negatively affect both the appearance and functionality of the trailer. So remember to wash the vehicle after each journey – then you will avoid undesirable situations.

What if you notice minor damage, e.g. in the form of chips on the galvanized coating? You have two options – go to an authorized service center or buy a galvanized spray and, after thoroughly washing the place, apply the preparation on your own. In the case of smaller damages, the second option seems to be the most comfortable and… the least expensive.

How often to service trailers?

Servicing the trailer should be performed at least once a year. One should also remember about periodic inspections according to the operating manual and warranty conditions. Specialists will check all elements of the vehicle and make any repairs. The key is, above all, to check:

  • the bearing condition;
  • the tires and rims condition;
  • screw elements;
  • the overrun system (brakes, drums and shoes);
  • the ball hitch.

How much does a comprehensive trailer inspection and service cost? On average, it is about PLN 200 net.

Also, remember to carefully check the lighting before each journey with a trailer – blown light bulbs or lack of reflections will not only expose you to a fine, but also may lead to dangerous situations on the road.

Note! A very important issue is tightening wheels in the trailer – it will allow you to use it safely even during long journeys. This should be checked every 500 km of driving with the trailer.

Don't forget to maintain the towing hook!

Proper maintenance and servicing of the trailer is not enough. It is also extremely important to ensure the condition of the towing hook, which affects the comfort and safety of using the vehicle. Of course, it is absolutely essential to wash the hook regularly and to prevent corrosion from entering it.

In some cases, it will also be advisable to use grease – especially in those trailers that have classic hooks. It should be replaced relatively often, because mixed with sand it will form a kind of abrasive paste that will damage the towing hook.

Which preparation should you choose? In this case, it does not really matter – just follow the opinions of customers and buy proven grease for the towing hook.

However, you must remember that sometimes the use of grease is absolutely inadvisable – especially in the case of heavy trailers, e.g. caravans. This can lead to a situation in which the friction elements of the hitch stop working. Also remember that – regardless of the type of trailer you have – always remove even the smallest traces of corrosion. Thanks to this, you will be able to use the towing hook for a really long time!

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