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How to re-register a car trailer?

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How to re-register a car trailer?

The use of car trailers is becoming more and more popular. It is a very convenient way to transport various items of larger dimensions. The insurance of such a vehicle is not high, so the cost of maintaining your own trailer is often marginal. On the other hand, a large number of secondary offers on the market encourage the purchase of a used one at a lower price. Is it necessary to re-register such a trailer?

Re-registration of the trailer and notification of the change of owner

Re-registration of a car trailer involves a change of owner in the CEPiK register. It is connected with obtaining a new registration certificate and an appropriate annotation in the vehicle card - in this case the trailer. Interestingly, according to the regulations, there is no obligation to re-register any vehicle purchased from a Polish owner.

However, such an obligation applies to the notification of the purchase of a trailer. It does not involve any changes to CEPiK, but only a formal notification to the relevant office. Unfortunately, the interpretation of many officials in this respect deviates from the regulations. Therefore, most people report their trailers to be re-registered to give themselves peace of mind.

When re-registering the trailer, you must have few important documents. Among other things, it is an approval or a declaration of exemption from it. Such a document should be provided by the previous owner. What other papers are associated with having your own trailer?

Car trailer insurance

The trailer must have valid third-party liability insurance on the day the trailer is registered. Most often it will be the policy bought by the previous owner. It is tied to the trailer and is transferred to the new owner. However, it is worth checking until when it applies, so as not to give yourself an unpleasant surprise.

Trailer registration certificate

When re-registering the trailer, the driver should receive a new registration document. It is connected with an appropriate fee. The first stamp related to the review will be stamped in the newly issued ID card. In the case of a light trailer (up to 750 kg), it will be an indefinite inspection. On the other hand, with other car trailers and special trailers, it involves regular visits to Vehicle Inspection Stations.

Trailer registration plates

If we bought the trailer from someone living in another poviat, you will have to pay for the issue of new plates. Otherwise, the previous registration plates will continue to apply. It is worth remembering about this when submitting the application, because the clerk will not always provide information on this subject, unless we ask for it ourselves.

How many time do we have to re-register the trailer?

There was a 30-day period for notifying the County Office of the change of owner of the car trailer for a long time. During the pandemic, it was extended to six months. However, this was a temporary change and has not been effective since the beginning of this year. Since January, the deadline for application was shortened again to 30 days, but it was also periodical. Currently, for trailers purchased after July 1, it is 60 days. However, due to the prevailing pandemic, it is worth making sure at the appropriate office that the regulations have not been changed again.

What is the cost of re-registering a car trailer?

Re-registering a car trailer costs similar to the first registration of a vehicle. The total registration for a new owner is PLN 121.50. It will be a bit cheaper if the owner does not replace the license plates. In such a situation, it will be an expense of PLN 81.5. The decision to change the plates is not only up to the driver. Leaving the registration numbers so far is possible only if the previous owner lived in the same poviat as the current owner of the trailer.

NOTE: The above information and regulations are valid in Poland.

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