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How does the registration of a car trailer up to 750 kg look like in Poland?

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How does the registration of a car trailer up to 750 kg look like in Poland?

A car trailer is a very useful vehicle that increases the transport capacity of each car. It can be used for cleaning around the house, for transporting larger dimensions that will not fit into our car, and in many different ways. That is why some drivers decide to buy it. Thanks to this, it gains independence in terms of time and space for the transport of various goods. The most popular trailers for household tasks are light trailers with a GVM up to 750 kg. It is up to the future owner to choose the right model and the range of products that complement it. Later, however, the registration process takes place, which in the case of such trailers is always very similar.

A car trailer, like other motor vehicles, must be formally admitted to traffic. For this purpose, it must obtain a registration certificate or a temporary permit. Below you will find out how and what to prepare and where to go to do it as quickly and easily as possible.

Remember, regardless of whether you decide to buy a new or used trailer, just like your car, you will need to take out insurance for it. This should be done on the same day the trailer was registered.

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Who can register a car trailer?

The trailer should be registered by its owner. If the vehicle has more than one owner, each of them should be present at the registration. If the owner cannot appear, he should issue an appropriate authorization to register the vehicle

How much is it? Registration fees

The registration of the trailer is associated with the payment of a fee of PLN 121.5, which is best made before submitting the documents at the cash desk of the office where it will be registered or directly to its account.

In the case of registration of light trailers, i.e. with a GVM up to 750 kg, we avoid the costs related to the registration inspection. Thanks to this, we save about PLN 50.

Where will you register the trailer?

Depending on where you live, you can register the trailer with the communication and transport department:

  1. the office of the poviat starosty;
  2. city hall, if you live in cities with poviat rights;
  3. the district office, if you live in Warsaw.

Remember, when buying a trailer in a Polish showroom, you can register it before it leaves the store. If you have bought a legally imported vehicle, you have 30 days to register it.

List of documents needed to register a trailer

Bevor Sie zur Behörde gehen, bei der Sie Ihren Anhänger anmelden, prüfen Sie, ob Sie über alle erforderlichen Dokumente verfügen:

  1. Trailer insurance - without it, the vehicle cannot move on Polish roads.
  2. Application for vehicle registration, which you can download from the website of the office or on site at the facility.
  3. A document that proves you are the owner of the vehicle. In the case of new ones, it will be a VAT invoice. If you bought a used vehicle, it will be a purchase and sale contract.
  4. EC certificate of conformity;
  5. A statement of data and information about the vehicle necessary for registration and vehicle records.
  6. Showrooms and stores specializing in the sale of trailers also provide customers with the declaration of the trailer manufacturer, confirming their authorization and the possibility of representing and selling trailers in Poland.
  7. Confirmation of any payments made.

Trailer registration - step by step

  1. Remember about the trailer insurance.
  2. Pay all required fees.
  3. Gather all the documents described above.
  4. Go to the appropriate office and submit a complete set of documents.

Time and proper registration

Initially, your trailer will be temporarily registered for a period of 30 days. During this time, the office will check the vehicle documents and order the appropriate registration certificate to be prepared. Time registration is made immediately. When leaving the office, you will receive a temporary permit, license plates and a control sticker that will allow you to move freely on the roads.

Within 30 days of initiating the registration procedure, the office should inform you that your trailer has been permanently registered (proper registration), preparing the proof for you.

The Office may refuse to register the trailer if you do not submit a complete set of documents or submit a copy of them instead of the original. If you receive a negative decision, you can appeal to your local council appeal board.

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