Car trailer inspection. What does it look like and when should it be done?

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Car trailer inspection. What does it look like and when should it be done?

Not only cars require periodic technical inspections. Also, a large part of car trailers must undergo appropriate tests. It is obligatory and is confirmed by an entry in the trailer registration certificate. What does this review look like and how much does it cost? Check on your own.

What conditions must be met to be able to drive with a trailer?

In order to take a car with a trailer on public roads, several important conditions must be done.

  • The car must have a towbar for transporting a car trailer. This is related not only to the installation of appropriate equipment, but also to obtaining approval and an appropriate entry in the vehicle registration certificate.
  • The trailer must be registered and have insurance. Please note that separate insurance applies to the car and the other to the car trailer.
  • Both vehicles should have an up-to-date technical inspection, which many people may forget. The exception are light trailers with a GVM up to 750 kg, which do not require periodic testing.
  • The driver must have an appropriate driving license. In the case of sets with a total permissible weight of up to 3.5 tons, category B is sufficient, but above this value you must have a B + E driving license.

Only when all the conditions are met, you can go on a road. The issue that raises the most doubts is the technical inspection of the car trailer. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with this topic better.

Technical inspection of car trailers

Każda przyczepka lekka oraz przyczepa ciężka posiada własny dowód rejestracyjny, w którym wpisany jest aktualny przegląd oraz data kolejnej, wymaganej wizyty w stacji kontroli pojazdów. W przypadku lekkich przyczep, których dopuszczalna masa całkowita wynosi do 750 kg, najczęściej udzielany jest przegląd bezterminowy. Dzięki temu nie ma potrzeby zapamiętywania kolejnej daty przeglądu pojazdu.

In the case of heavier GVM trailers up to 3.5 tons, an inspection is required 3 years after the first registration, and then every other year.

What does the diagnostician check during the car trailer inspection?

During the technical inspection, first of all, the lighting and brakes are checked. This is to ensure safe road travel and the transport of heavier loads without posing a threat.

Ile kosztuje wykonanie przeglądu przyczepki samochodowej?

The cost of the inspection related to the maximum permissible weight of the car trailer:

  • a truck trailer and a special trailer up to 3.5 tons costs PLN 78,
  • inspection of a special trailer and a truck between 3.5 and 16 tons costs PLN 163,
  • the largest trailers with a GVM over 16 tons will cost PLN 177 for the purpose of the test.

It should be remembered that trailers weighing less than 750 kg do not require technical inspections at all.

Remember about the car trailer inspection

It is worth regularly checking the inspection of larger trucks and special trailers, because the lack of a test at a vehicle inspection station may not only result in the retention of the registration document, but also the inability to continue driving, which can be even more expensive.

NOTE: The above regulations are in force in Poland.

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