Poland Boat Show 2022 - we couldn't miss it!

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Poland Boat Show 2022 - we couldn't miss it!

Za nami cztery bardzo intensywne dni targowe na Poland Boat Show 2022. Jednocześnie targi były świetnym zwieńczeniem i  zakończeniem tegorocznego sezonu dla przyczep podłodziowych oraz bardzo optymistycznym prognostykiem kolejnego sezonu sportów wodnych. 

How was the Poland Boat Show 2022?

After more than two years of numerous pandemic restrictions, we were particularly interested in direct meetings and talks, both with our dealers and new potential customers. We wanted to show a wider audience, our flagship large trailers for transporting boats and yachts, but also smaller new models. As you can see from the attendance at our stand and the number of talks we had, our products were very well received. For us, however, the strictly human dimension of this event was important. The fact that we could shake hands, drink coffee, talk to some of our clients who we haven't seen for a very long time. Reports, live opinions, discussions, exchange of views and experiences cannot be replaced by any online conversations or meetings. That is why we would like to thank everyone who visited us and see you next year. - this is how our boss, owner of the Lorries brand, Michał Ziomek, summed up the whole event.

What did we show at the Poland Boat Show?

At the stand, visitors could see two new products that will be added to our offer in the 2023 season. These are light, single-axle boat trailers with a GVM of 750 kg. Meet the new models PP75-5118 i PP75-4216.

nowoczesna lekka przyczepa do transportu łodzi

lekka przyczepa podłodziowa z dmc do 750 kg

See photos from the Poland Boat Show

All interested in cooperation and getting to know our trailers, please contact us.

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