Driving with a trailer on the highway - what to remember?

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The use of various types of trailers is sometimes necessary - it allows you to transport heavier equipment and even machines. However, traveling with them is associated with several obligations and rules that must be absolutely kept in mind. On the one hand, to ensure safety for oneself and other road users, and on the other to avoid being fined. One of the most important things is when you are traveling with a trailer on the highway - what should you be aware of?

Can you drive with a trailer on the highway?

There can be only one answer - yes, you can drive on the highway with a trailer, because vehicles of this type are not excluded from traffic. However, as with other vehicles, it is necessary to comply with the road traffic regulations - above all, the right speed. In the case of light and heavy trailers, this maximum is 80 km/h - exceeding it not only entails the risk of receiving a fine, but also may lead to dangerous situations on the road.

But speed is not everything - here are some other extremely important rules for driving with a trailer on the highway.

What do you have to remember about while driving with trailer on the highway?

The most important thing, apart from speed, is the type of trailer with which you can drive on the highway. The ones approved for traffic on this type of roads include:

  • light trailers with a total weight of up to 750 kg;
  • heavy trailers with a total weight exceeding 750 kg.

However remember, that each of them can move at a maximum speed of 80 km/h - the total weight is not important in this case.

Are there any trailers that have not been approved for use on the motorway? Yes, and they include, for example, boat trailers and towed vehicles.

What else is worth remembering? First of all, about the appropriate marking of the trailer. This is primarily about the right lighting, which includes: turn signals, brake lights, emergency lights, rear position lights, rear fog lights, as well as rear, front and side reflectors. When using a new trailer, you do not have to worry about this issue, but when buying a used vehicle, it is worth paying special attention to the marking.

It should also be ensured that the trailer is fully technically operational and that it has been properly adjusted to the vehicle to be towed.

What qualifications you need to drive with a trailer?

For driving with a trailer (also on the highway), in most cases a category B driving license is sufficient. However, it must be a light trailer, so its total weight must not exceed 750 kg. For heavier vehicles, you will need code 96 or a B + E driving license. When driving with a trailer on the highway, be especially careful and respect the rules of the road. Especially that the maximum speed that you can develop on this type of road is not high and improper steering may affect the safety - both for you and other drivers.

The above article concerns regulations in force in Poland.

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