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Transport your jet ski safely - only with a suitable trailer!

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After the long and cold winter that happened to us this year, every owner of a jet ski is looking forward to releasing it to the water. The beginning of the summer season means the necessity to transport the equipment from the place where it was stored to the water tank. Safe transport of such a vehicle is possible only thanks to the appropriate trailer, which will ensure trouble-free and efficient transport.

Remorques pour camions de jet


Modern trailers for jet skis

Transporting the jet ski is essential both now that the season starts and at the end of the summer holidays. If you want to cartry it safely and be sure that the vehicle will not be damaged, it is worth to choose a proven trailer. What should you pay attention to when choosing a water scooter trailer? Read the article!

What to look for when choosing a scooter trailer?

When choosing a trailer, one of the first things you need to pay attention to is its size. It is not only about the GVM, but also about the maximum size of the water scooter that can be transported on it. This is especially important for people who own more than one scooter or who transport them professionally.

In addition, make sure that the model you choose has the ability to adjust the position of the axle, i.e. setting the center of gravity of the transported load. Another useful feature is the Waterproof system, i.e. additional sealing of the hubs, which protects their bearings against flooding. Thanks to such protection, we will be sure that our trailer will serve us for many seasons.

Another important and appreciated solution in the case of water scooter trailers is lighting and the possibility of its immersion. Why? Because when launching a water scooter trailer it is often partially submerged. Therefore, pay attention to whether the scooter trailer chosen by you has LED lamps and Bayonet connectors, which guarantee the tightness of the entire system. Also check how the lamp system works, whether they are easy to unfold and fold, and how wide they are when bringing the scooter in and out.

Another "MUST HAVE" of each water scooter trailer is a winch. It's hard to imagine pushing the scooter by yourself. Therefore, pay attention to whether the water scooter trailer you buy has components from reputable manufacturers. Only then will you be guaranteed that there will be no failure.

Skids or rollers? Which solution is better for transporting a scooter?

One of the most important choices to make when buying a trailer for transporting a water scooter is the type of mount on which the vehicle will be transported. There are two solutions on the market skids or rollers. Both have supporters and opponents.

The main advantage of having trailers equipped with skids is very high stability while driving. In turn, in the case of rollers it is very easy to launch the boat in all conditions. However, experience and market trends show that in the case of jet skis, the skids are the most frequently chosen solution.

What if we have two water scooters...

A trailer for two water scooters is the perfect answer for owners of more than one scooter. This vehicle should have exactly the same technical solutions as the single-seater model. Therefore, you should not compromise here, but also pay attention to the finish, components, lighting and all types of other accessories described above.



Appearance also matters!

There are people who say that the appearance of the trailer does not play a significant role in its purchase. Nothing could be more wrong. Since we are buying a water scooter, which is not only supposed to have great technical parameters, evoke a sporty spirit in us, but also to look great, the vehicle on which it will be transported must also look like. The current water scooters are characterized by modern and professional design and a wide range of colors. Therefore, it is also worth paying attention to these aspects - whether the trailer you buy is modern, aesthetic and available in various colors.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a jet ski trailer. And because it is not a thing you buy for one usage, but something that is to serve for many years, it is worth spending a moment for choosing a proven, safe and reliable solution.

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