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Corrosion of the trailer’s metal parts - Find out how to prevent

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Corrosion of the trailer’s metal parts - Find out how to prevent

Long-term exposure of the trailer to moisture can have a negative effect on the metal parts. The corrosion will be particularly noticeable at the edges, fastening and connection members of the device. When we talk about corrosion in a broad sense, we mean, for example, a rusty coating that has the ability to spread quickly, look unaesthetic and, in the long term, destroy metal. How to effectively protect against metal corrosion? Find out more!

Metal corrosion - when should you start to be afraid of it?

After a beautiful summer, comes the time of cooler gusts of wind and heavy rain. Your trailer is stored in the garage or under the roof. However, this does not mean that nothing happens... Rust attacks especially in autumn and winter (i.e. when there is the a lot of moisture in the air), but the metal parts of the trailer require proper care throughout the year.

Corrosion and the quality of the materials used to make the trailer

When you decide to buy a trailer, you want to enjoy its satisfactory use and polished appearance for as long as possible. Rust that comes out on the surface of the metal parts as a result of prolonged contact with water and air does not necessarily make it impossible to use the equipment immediately. However, it will undoubtedly affect its aesthetic value.

For this reason, it is worth to choose a high-quality trailer. The raw materials used in the production, which will be properly protected by hot-dip or electro galvanization process, guarantee a perfect look, durability and convenience of use - for years.

Remorque de dépanneuse PLI30-5021

Buying a trailer - what is worth paying attention to?

Before buying a trailer, it is worth finding out whether elements of the trailer are hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized and what material was used to make sides and extensions of the trailer. If they are made of galvanized steel, you will be sure that they are of good quality. The zinc coating on the sheet metal is resistant to mechanical damages (e.g. impacts). It is also an anti-corrosion coating which does not lose its properties in the event of local damage due to the so-called electrochemical protection.

Over time, the zinc coating changes its appearance from glossy to gray and matte. This is due to the reaction that takes place between the zinc and air. The influence of water leads to the formation of the zinc hydroxide. The zinc hydroxide transforms into a patina that binds to the substrate and does not let water in. When the patina is properly formed, it will inhibit subsequent chemical reactions. Thus, it will effectively protect against corrosion. The patina is formed on average from three months to even two years. The time depends on the conditions to which the vehicle is exposed.

White rust - what is it?

White spots, commonly referred to as the white rust, may appear on components that have been galvanized. However, this is a completely different type of corrosion than the one mentioned above. It does not deteriorate the quality of the protective layer of our trailer – it only affects the aesthetics of the product. White rust is nothing more than zinc hydroxide, which takes the form of a powdery deposits. Its removal is not a big problem. It usually forms when the freshly galvanized surface has not yet become covered with a patina that effectively protects against weather conditions.

Protect metal against corrosion – the proper care is essential!

Even high-quality metal parts cannot protect against rust if you don't care for them properly. For this purpose, you can use chemical anti-corrosion and maintenance agents available on the market. However, they should be chosen with caution and consideration regarding the specificity of individual surfaces.

How else should you take care of the metal elements and galvanized surfaces of the trailer to protect them against corrosion? First of all, you should protect them from constant contact with water and wash them, especially after contact with road salt. They will repay with a good look and comfort during many years of use.

Check how to take care of the trailer!

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