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How to transport the boat?

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How to transport the boat?

In order to transport the boat to the right place, many people decide to use the help of professional companies that provide this type of service. However, this is often an expensive solution. Therefore, it is worth trying to do it yourself, especially since - as it turns out - the whole process does not have to take a long time, and you can also do it alone with its planning and implementation. In order to transport the boat efficiently, it is first of all necessary to place it on a suitable trailer. You should also take into consideration some important factors, which we write about below. So be sure to read it!

Which trailer should you choose so that the boat transport is safe and without any problems?  

Finding the answer to the question: "how to transport a boat?" it's not particularly difficult. Everyone wants this operation to be carried out efficiently and safely - both for the vessel itself, as well as for the driver and other road users. However, not everyone is able to achieve the expected results, often deciding to trust companies specializing in the transport of various vehicles. However, it is much more profitable to buy a suitable trailer once and then use it whenever you want. This is also encouraged by the fact that there are many models available on the market, which greatly facilitates the purchase of the one that turns out to be the most appropriate in our case. A boat trailer must, above all, have a sufficiently large surface area and a permissible gross vehicle weight (GVM). In addition, the load capacity of a given model or its equipment should be taken into account. It is also important to obtain a trailer with a solid structure and increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Choosing a trailer for transporting boats with a sufficiently high load capacity is essential

The lifting capacity of boat trailers plays the most important role. Therefore, before purchasing a given model, you should carefully determine the total weight of your vessel so that it does not turn out to be too large for the transport capacity of the purchased vehicle. If we decide to acquire the trailer that interests us, we can proceed to what interests us the most in this place, i.e. the preparation and course of transporting the boat. This process should start, of course, by placing it on the trailer. The hand winch and its adjustable posts prove to be very helpful in this. In addition, pay attention to whether the boat trailer you have chosen is equipped with:

  • the right number of side supports (single, double or quadruple),
  • how many wheels each have,
  • what material they are made of (ordinary rubber or polyurethane).

It is also worth checking whether your planned purchase has, for example, the so-called a cradle, i.e. a set of movable keel rollers and wheels. Its operation is limited to tilting when bringing the boat in or out of the trailer. This is especially important when the boat is loading or launching. Thanks to the use of the right quality and number of wheels, your boat will be easy to slide on the trailer. 

PP35-8825 remorque à deux essieux pour le transport de bateaux, position berceau 3
Cradle in a boat trailer
LORRIES-PP25-8025 remorque à deux essieux avec support latéral quadruple
Quadruple side support

Once the boat trailer is loaded, it is time to properly attach it so that it remains in a stable position during transport. For this purpose, it is necessary to use professional lashing straps of appropriate length and lifting force, which guarantee high resistance to cracking even under heavy pressure.

Properly preparation of the boat for transportation before securing it to the vehicle

Before attaching the boat trailer to the vehicle, make sure that all hatches are tightly closed. For an even better effect, we recommend using additionally good quality tapes. Do not forget to remove any elements protruding beyond the hull in order to obtain the smallest possible contour of the transported vessel. It reduces the risk of it coming into contact with other objects that may appear on the road. It's also a good idea to get rid of any unnecessary items on the boat's deck. Later, take the sails off and retract them, if any.

Boat trailer mounting - what shouldn't you forget?

With the steps outlined above, it's time to move on to securing the boat trailer to your vehicle with the towbar.

We've already wrote how to hook up the trailer to the car here:

How to properly attach the trailer to the car?

When everything is fine, you can finally go on your way.

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