Trailer TPM20-2612


The trailer for transporting vehicles and machines, TPM20 model, is a device with a solid construction, distinguished by smaller dimensions, while increasing the load capacity, thanks to the construction based on two axles.

ikona dmc
up to 2000 kg
ikona długości przyczepy
2612 mm
ikona szerokości przyczepy
1256 mm


TPM20-2612 is the largest of our two-axle trailers for transporting various types of construction machinery. As standard, it has a built-in overrun and parking brake. The trailer is perfect for transporting a tractor, mower, mini excavator or other machine. Its solid structure and thoughtful solutions guarantee safe and reliable transport of cargo to the construction site or other place.

Przyczepa budowlana TPM 20-2612


The TPM20-2612 model has a PGW up to 2000 kg. The trailer weighs 587 kg. It can accommodate a load weighing nearly 1,400 kg, more than 2.6 meters long and 1.25 meters wide. Both the frame and the drawbar are made of a strong closed profile, which are additionally reinforced on the bottom with transverse supports. All this contributes to an even better durability and reliability of the vehicle. The load is placed on the trailer on a wide gangway, which is filled with an aluminum checker sheet. The small approach angle allows you to conveniently enter the goods on the platform. From the bottom, the ramp has been reinforced with a stable and strong support, which helps to maintain the correct position while placing the load. After loading, the gangway can be easily folded and closed, blocking it against uncontrolled opening by means of side locks.

The entire metal construction is covered with a hot-dip galvanized layer, which protects the vehicle against corrosion and light mechanical damage.


Sides of the trailer are stepped. This means that the front part is 150 mm high and the rear 270 mm. On their sides, from the inside, there are fasteners for belts, 4 on each side. Such arrangement of the catches allowed to enlarge the working space and ensured more convenient securing of the load.

Access to cargo is facilitated by specially prepared steps on both sides of the trailer. As in the case of the sides, the steps are two-level. The rear step functions as a fender. You can safely walk on it, bearing in mind its maximum load of 120 kg.

The trailer is equipped with a parking brake and overrun brake. In addition, it has a security in the form of blocking wedges, which immobilize it and protect it against uncontrolled rolling.

The trailer for transporting construction machinery has a folding support wheel as standard, which is intended for vehicles transporting large dimensions. It works just like a standard wheel, with the difference that when it is fully screwed in, it folds up and does not protrude downwards.

The standard TPM20-2612 is filled with non-slip and waterproof plywood. However, it can be equipped with a grooved aluminum filling.

In the front part of the trailer there is a spacious closed box, in which, apart from a spare wheel, you can carry belts or tools. The standard TPM20-2612 is equipped with LED lamps that guarantee a long life of the lighting.

Przyczepa budowlana TPM 20-2612 zatrzask na burtach
Przyczepa budowlana TPM 20-2612 koło podporowe
Przyczepa budowlana TPM 20-2612 schodek boczny uchwyt koła zapasowego


Technical data
Trailer TPM20-2612
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
1934. x 4647 x 1798
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type
Approach angle [degrees]

Standard equipment

Overrun brake
Parking brake
LED rear lamps
Handles attached to the sideboards
Wedge for blocking wheels of the car carrier
Support wheel/ Jockey wheel
Spare wheel
Steps for easier access to loading
Waterproof and non-slip floor plywood
Tool box

Additional equipment

Rinsing the drums
Anti-theft protection
Aluminum rims
System płukania bębnów
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