Trailer PP20-7225


The smallest of our two-axle trailers for transporting yachts and boats. It is a braked trailer with GVM up to 2000 kg.

ikona dmc
up to 2000 kg
ikona długości przyczepy
7000 mm
ikona szerokości przyczepy
2038 mm



The braked trailer for transporting boats has a stable construction based on a strong frame made of a closed profile, stiffened guide and three transverse supports. Along the guide, there are three sets of bottom supports in the form of polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 260 mm with metal rims and bottom rollers. At the end of the guide, there is the so-called cradle – movable set of keel rollers and wheels. Its operation is limited to tilting when loading or unloading the boat from the trailer. Thanks to the winch and the side support system, placing the load is very convenient and does not require a lot of force.

The trailer is constructed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to different types of boats. We can regulate both the location of the bottom supports, bottom rollers and side supports. Individual adjustment of these elements is important, in particular in case of the trailer rentals and companies transporting boats, yachts and similar equipment.

Dwuosiowa przyczepa LORRIES PP20-7225 do transportu łodzi i jachtów
Przyczepa dwuosiowa PP35-8825 do transportu łodzi kołyska pozycja 3
Przyczepa dwuosiowa PP35-8825 do transportu łodzi kołyska pozycja 2
Przyczepa dwuosiowa PP35-8825 do transportu łodzi kołyska pozycja 1


The trailer is equipped with four sets of quadruple side supports (two on each side). Each of them has polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 200 mm and steel rims. In the center of the frame, along its sides, there is an additional guide, which stiffens and stabilizes the whole structure. The guide has bottom supports in the form of three sets of polyurethane wheels and the so-called a cradle equipped with three bottom rollers and six polyurethane wheels. The supports can be adjusted in height, rotated by 90 degrees and also the method of attachment can be changed.

The polyurethane wheels used on the trailer are highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. Their extraordinary advantage is also that they do not leave marks or scratches on the boat.





The PP20-7225 is a large trailer designed for transporting boats and yachts of medium size and weight. Its dimensions and GVM up to 2,000 kg allow to carry a load weighing over 1,300 kg. Thanks to the lamp extension system used in the trailer, we can easily transport a load of up to 7 m in length.

In addition, the trailer has a failure-free lighting extension and opening system. It is based on LED lamps and a bayonet connector, which makes it fully sealed. Thanks to these properties, the rear of the trailer can be easily submerged in water for loading or unloading. In order to protect the surface of the trailer against corrosion, its steel elements are hot-dip galvanized. In addition, this process protects whole construction against mechanical damages. However, we should remember about regular cleaning and maintenance, especially when the trailer comes into contact with salt water.

Dwuosiowa przyczepa LORRIES PP20-7225 do transportu łodzi i jachtów
Dwuosiowa przyczepa LORRIES PP20-7225 do transportu łodzi i jachtów

A two-axle boat trailer offers the ability to independently adjust the position of the axle depending on the center of gravity of the transported load. This model also has a WPS (Waterproof system), i.e. an additional sealing of the hubs. This prevents water from getting into the bearings. This provides longer life and slower wear of the hubs and the axles.




The trailer has been equipped with a number of accessories, including adjustable winch post with manual belt winch, soft bow, support wheel, cradle and side support system. Additionally, it can be equipped with shock absorbers and fasteners, polyurethane bow and polyurethane bottom rollers, spare wheel with fastening system, aluminum rims, rinsing drums, boat guidance system, anti-skid side step, additional set of belt fasteners, anti-theft protection or adjustable support for side wheels.

We also enable individual adjustment of the supports available on the trailer by adding adjustable side supports with four wheels (diameter 200 mm) with a steel rims.

Note: Boats and yachts with non-standard constructions or converted to individual orders require individual settings of brackets and wheels.

We also carry out our own customer requests, according to which we can make a trailer painted in white or black.

Przyczepa dwuosiowa LORRIES-PP25-8025 wsparcie boczne poczwórne
Przyczepa dwuosiowa LORRIES-PP25-8025 dziobnica









Technical data
Trailer PP20-7225
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type
Bottom support (Ø 260 wheels on a steel rim)
Bottom roller [pieces]
Podpora boczna poczwórna z poliuretanowymi kołami fi 200 [sztuk]

Standard equipment

Overrun brake
Parking brake
Tilting lamp system
LED rear lamps
Support wheel/ Jockey wheel
Manual winch
Set of belt fasteners
Adjustable winch post
Movable axis system
Side supports with four wheels

Additional equipment

Polyurethane stem
Powder painting
Axle shock mounts
Polyurethane keel roller
Spare wheel
Spare wheel mounting
Rinsing the drums
Boat guidance system
Anti-theft protection
Non-slip side step
Additional set of belt fasteners (4 pcs.)
Aluminum rims
Rinsing the drums
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