MT-2 trailer for two motorbikes


The dedicated single-axle trailer for the transport of two motorbikes with a GVW of 750 kg is the ideal means of transporting singletrack.

ikona dmc
up to 750 kg
ikona długości przyczepy
2396 mm
ikona szerokości przyczepy
1743 mm

MT-2 trailer for two motorbikes


The MT-2 is a modern motorbike trailer made in a fashionable, simple design for transporting 2 motorbikes. The trailer is made entirely of steel. The frame of the trailer is protected against corrosion with a layer of zinc, which also strengthens it against mechanical damage. In addition, it is powder-coated in black, giving it an elegant and classic look to match any single track.

The chassis structure and drawbar are made of closed steel profile. The frame of the trailer is further reinforced by the use of transverse welded brackets. This guarantees the stability and reliability of the entire structure.

nowoczesna przyczepa na dwa motocykle MT2


The motorbike trailer for two vehicles is equipped with a convenient to use mechanism for raising and lowering the platform. This makes it easy to bring motorbikes in or out of the trailer.

The MT-2 is constructed with two movable frames so that it can be easily folded in half. The folded trailer can be stored both vertically and horizontally. This allows it to be stored when not in use. In this way, it will take up much less space in the garage or car park, for example.

When folded in half, the trailer has a height of 2574 mm.

The technical solutions used in the motorcycle trailer are protected by a global patent.

nowoczesna przyczepa na dwa motocykle MT2 składana na pół



The trailer for two motorbikes has a jockey wheel and LED lighting as standard. The trailer is coated in black. The floor of the trailer is lined with corrugated aluminium sheets and numerous holders for transport belts (4 per side and through the centre of the platform).

nowoczesna przyczepa na dwa motocykle MT2 reling na quady przyczepa na quad

The trailer can be additionally equipped with a spare wheel, alloy wheels, anti-theft protection and a wind deflector or railing limiting the overrun.

The use of a front railing turns the MT-2 into a trailer for transporting quads. In addition, the trailer can be optionally equipped with a dedicated two bike carriers or cross-bike stand. The MT-2 trailer is designed in such a way that 3 racks can easily be placed on it at the same time, making it a trailer for 3 cross bikes.

Stojak na motocykle crossowe w przyczepie motocyklowej MT-1
przyczepa motocyklowa z uchwytem na rowery

Note: In some car models, the trailer LED lighting may not work properly. This situation occurs most often in new car models and is caused by the low power consumption of LED technology. In order for the lights to work properly in the trailer, the hook should be equipped with an additional module for LED lighting. Lorries does not supply this module on produced trailers.

nowoczesna przyczepa na dwa motocykle MT2 koło zapasowe
nowoczesna przyczepa na dwa motocykle MT2 oświetlenie

Technical data
MT-2 trailer for two motorbikes
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Maximum width of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
2396 x 3491 x 962
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type

Standard equipment

Powder painting
LED rear lamps
Jockey wheel
Brackets for fixing load mounted in the floor
Aluminum floor filling
Klin do blokady kół

Additional equipment

Reling przedni pod quad
Anti-theft protection
Aluminum rims
Spare wheel with mountings
Shock absorber with mounting
Stojak na crossy
Stojak na rowery
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