Trailer PP18-7023


A single-axle, braked trailer for transporting boats with a GVM of up to 1,800 kg, allows to transport a load of up to 6.6 meters and weighing up to 1,360 kg. The trailer is equipped with a parking and overrun brake.

ikona dmc
up to 1800 kg
ikona długości przyczepy
6600 mm
ikona szerokości przyczepy



The trailer has a stable and strong structure made of a closed steel profile, with an additional welded frame reinforcement, which guarantees the durability of the vehicle. In addition, the frame is equipped with three crossbeams, the position of which can be adjusted. This is especially helpful for people who are carrying different types of boats.

The steel elements of the trailer have been hot-dip galvanized, thanks to which the steel receives a protective layer that strengthens it against mechanical damage and corrosion. Therefore, it can easily stand in the rain or drive into the water. However, it is important to wash the trailer after contact with the salt water.

Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi tył




The trailer for transporting boats, boats and small yachts has the original LIGHT UP system, which allows the rear lamps to be opened during loading or unloading operations. This solution allows the rear part of the trailer to be safely submerged in the water, so that its lighting system remains undamaged. All thanks to the LED lamps used in it and the bayonet connector, which is fully sealed.

Depending on the center of gravity in the trailer, we can ourselves adjust the axle alignment in relation to the frame. In addition, the trailer axle is equipped with the WPS (Waterproof system) — additional hub sealing, which protects the bearings against the water. This allows to significantly extend the life of the bearings, hubs and the axle itself.

This model offers the ability to adjust the length of the trailer through a system that extends the rear lamps by an additional 80 centimeters. Thanks to this, we can adjust the length span of the transported boat from 5.8 to 6.6 meters.

The rear bumper beam has been removed from the trailer, and the trailer is now more functional in use. Its absence allows for quick and trouble-free loading and unloading of a yacht or boat.




The trailer is equipped with a movable set of rear keel rollers and wheels, the so-called cradle which, when the boat approaches the trailer, tilts and adjusts to the hull, helping the boat to enter and position on the trailer, and then closes when loading operation is completed.

Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi kołyska położenie 3 na płasko
Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi kołyska położenie 2
Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi kołyska położenie 1

In the side brackets of the trailer, polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 260 are mounted on plastic rims. The cradle is equipped with two bottom rollers and two sets of polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 260 mm.

The polyurethane wheels used in the trailer are characterized by high strength, low weight, high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Due to the use of a large diameter of the wheels (Ø 260), they have a larger contact surface with the transported load, which affects the stability of its transport.

An additional advantage of polyurethane wheels is that they do not leave any traces on the surface of the boat.

The front side supports equipped with double wheels can be adjusted in height, rotated by 90 degrees and also the method of attachment can be changed. Similar solutions are used for rear brackets equipped with quadruple wheels. Here, we can additionally adjust the angle of their inclination from 60 to 90 degrees.




The standard trailer, in addition to those previously described accessories, is equipped with an adjustable winch post with a manual belt winch, a soft bow, support wheel and a cradle.

It can also be equipped with a shock absorber with a mounting system, polyurethane bow and bottom roller, spare wheel with mounting system, aluminum rims, washing drums, boat guidance system, anti-skid side step, an additional set of belt fasteners, anti-theft protection, adjustable supports for the side wheels.

Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi zaczep
Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi wspornik dwukołowy
Przyczepa jednoosiowa PP18-7023 do transportu łodzi hamulec

We also offer individual adaptation of the functionality of additional brackets. Acceptable modifications are:

  • adjustable side supports with two wheels (Ø 260) with a plastic rim;
  • adjustable side supports with four wheels (Ø 260) with a plastic rim.

Note: Boats and yachts with non-standard designs require individual settings for brackets and wheels.

Customers who prefer a trailer in a color other than steel can order it painted in black or white.




PP18-7023 wyposażenie konfiguracja
  1. Overrun brake
  2. Parking brake
  3. Manual winch
  4. Side supports with two wheels
  5. Cradle
  6. Side supports with four wheels
  7. LED lights
  8. Light up system
  9. Bottom roller
  10. Set of belt fasteners
  11. Adjustable winch post
  12. Support wheel/ Jockey wheel






Technical data
Trailer PP18-7023
Gross vehicle weight [kg]
Maximum length of the loading surface [mm]
Load capacity [kg]
Complete kerb weight [kg]
External dimensions width x length x height [mm]
2326 x 7001
Number of axles
Axles type
Wheels type
Bottom support (Ø 260 wheels on a steel rim)
Bottom roller [pieces]
Adjustable side supports with two wheels (Ø 260)
Adjustable side supports with four wheels (Ø 260)

Standard equipment

Overrun brake
Parking brake
Tilting lamp system
LED rear lamps
Support wheel/ Jockey wheel
Manual winch
Set of belt fasteners
Adjustable winch post
Movable axis system
Side supports with two wheels
Side supports with four wheels

Additional equipment

Polyurethane stem
Powder painting
Axle shock mounts
Polyurethane keel roller
Spare wheel
Spare wheel mounting
Rinsing the drums
Boat guidance system
Anti-theft protection
Non-slip side step
Additional set of belt fasteners (4 pcs.)
Aluminum rims
Rinsing the drums
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