NEW - MT-1 trailer for transporting motorcycles

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The offer of our trailers has been extended with a completely new segment - motorcycle trailers. We have launched the first of the series for transporting two-wheelers.

It is a combination of high-quality, carefully selected materials with a unique design. Thanks to this, the MT-1 is distinguished by quality, safety, functionality and unique design.

It is equipped with a lowered transport platform that facilitates loading and unloading the motorcycle, and the HALF-FOLD system that allows you to fold the trailer in half, which saves space for its storage. To increase its durability, the frame of the trailer was galvanized and then powder coated in an elegant black color. Additional charm and functionality are added by LED lights.

You can read the full information about it HERE>>.

LORRIES przyczepa motocyklowa MT-1
LORRIES przyczepa motocyklowa MT-1 złożona
LORRIES przyczepa motocyklowa MT-1 z felgami

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