Tobiasz PUSTY Puścian używa przyczepy LORRIES!

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Tobiasz PUSTY Puścian używa przyczepy LORRIES!

Certainly, all fans of fast driving know very well Tobiasz PUSTY Puścian, the drifting driver with whom we started working in May this year. As part of the cooperation, Tobiasz received one of our trailer-tow truck model PLI27-5521, where he will be transporting his latest BMW E92. The trailer has been specially branded with his name, thanks to which it fits perfectly with the new design of Puścian's car.

Passion. Quality. Dynamism.

Tobiasz Puścian is a sportsman who fits perfectly into the narrative of our brand. From an early age he was interested in motorization and it accompanies him constantly in various aspects of his life. Tobiasz, with his natural charisma and extraordinary energy, is a perfect match for Lorries's qualities and image. Like us, it builds its brand on values such as passion - quality - dynamism.

We are sure that our tow truck will accompany Tobiasz in all important sports competitions and contribute to his many successes!

Tobiasz, welcome to Team Lorries!

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