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Buying a trailer in Poland for foreign markets - what documents are necessary?

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Buying a trailer in Poland for foreign markets - what documents are necessary?

When buying a trailer in Poland and wanting to use it outside our country, you must have appropriate certificates. They confirm the compliance of vehicles with all regulations that are in force in the countries belonging to the European Community, thanks to which it is possible to register and use the trailer on the road - without the risk of being fined.

What documents are necessary and which of them are issued by our company?

Basic certificate, i.e. COC

The main document that we issue for each trailer is COC - EC Certificate of Conformity (European Community). It is a certificate without which it is not possible to register the trailer in any country. It confirms the compliance of the trailers with all European Community regulations, and includes, among others:

  • vehicle identification and manufacturer;
  • trailer production date;
  • technical specification;
  • VIN type number.

Why is COC so important?

First of all, due to the regulations in force in many European Union countries - e.g. Germany, France, Italy or Spain, where without the EC Certificate of Conformity it is not possible to register the vehicle, and thus - to use it. Its possession enables the free and safe movement of goods in the EU, especially when it comes to all products that require approval. Its content is determined by EU law - it can be found in the EU regulation (amendment IX, regulation 92/53). Of course, our company issues COC for each trailer purchased.

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Other documents necessary for trailer owners

COC is not the only certificate that trailer owners may need. As it turns out, these types of vehicles can also be driven at a speed of 100 km / h outside our country, e.g. in Germany - also on highways. However, to be able to do so, you must have the TEMPO 100 certificate, which is issued in the Federal Republic of Germany after additional technical tests.

The owner of the trailer should remember that his vehicle must meet certain conditions to be able to receive such a certificate. First of all, the trailer:

  • must not exceed a gross weight of 3500 kg;
  • must have shock absorbers on the axle or axles - depending on the trailer model - (they are installed by the customer or - for a fee - we can do it for him);
  • it should have a special sticker marked "100 km/h" (issued by an appropriate body);
  • should have tires not older than 6 years and with a speed rating of not less than 120 km / h.

Of course, remember that having the TEMPO 100 certificate and the ability to travel at a speed of 100 km/h does not exempt trailer owners from complying with the speed limits in force in a given place!

In addition, a paid document is Zulassungsbescheinigungen Teil II, i.e. KFZ BRIEF (strict accounting document), which in Germany is the equivalent of our vehicle card. It is helpful for faster vehicle registration in the country of our western neighbors.

Do you need an applicable document? We will help you!

At LORRIES, we supply our customers not only with the best trailers that have the appropriate specifications and approvals that authorize the registration of devices in Poland and abroad. We also do not forget about formal issues, helping our clients. We issue:

  • EC Certificate of Conformity (COC), thanks to which you will be able to register the trailer in different countries;
  • Statement to TEMPO 100, which will allow you to apply for a TEMPO 100 document and travel with a trailer at 100 km/h (also on highways);
  • Zulassungsbescheinigungen Teil II, a document necessary to register a trailer in Germany, which corresponds to our vehicle card.

In case of any doubts, please contact us - our specialists will answer any questions related to the documents necessary for trailer owners and will issue an appropriate certificate. So that each journey with a trailer is safe and fully legal - both in Poland and other countries belonging to the European Community.

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