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ReFRESHed JET SKI - trailers for transporting water scooters

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ReFRESHed JET SKI - trailers for transporting water scooters

Preparing for the new season of water sports, we have launched a "refreshed" line of trailers for transporting water scooters. Following your advices, we have introduced several important changes, thanks to which you will be able to use our Jet Ski even easier and more enjoyable. Jet Ski.

What have we changed in the new models?

  • we have increased their loading space, so that even the longest scooter available on the market can be loaded onto the trailer without any worries;
  • we have equipped them with LED lighting as standard;
  • we used a new tilting lamp system (LIGHT UP system), which is easier to use than the previous one, and at the same time is a durable element of the trailer. In addition, thanks to the use of LED lamps and Bayonet connectors, the lighting is fully sealed, so the trailer can be safely submerged in water;
  • we have added more handles for attaching the belts, it will allow better hooking of the scooter;
  • in models equipped with skids, we used new skid support. This simple and reliable solution will guarantee a stable mounting of the scooter on the trailer;
  • the front reinforcement has been tilted by 45 degrees, this will reduce the risk of the hull bumping when the scooter flows over the trailer. At the same time, we have left the option of screwing on the keel roller, which will further reduce the risk of damage to the hull.
Anhänger zum Transport von Jetskis mit Skiern, schwarz
Anhänger zum Transport von Jetskis mit Skiern, weiß
Anhänger zum Transport von Jetskis mit leuchtenden Systemrollen

The trailers are available in galvanized and painted white or black option. The models include scooter trailers with skids or rollers. We also offer a trailer for two water scooters.

Everything you want to know about them you will find HERE>>

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